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Magical Girl Alisa’s Quest

A tranquil village amid mountains — Brow. There are five legendary gems enshrined.
But one day, a group of thieves steal all of them. Thus a rookie sorceress Alisa is commanded by the village chief to win all the legendary gems back.
This also means a promotion test for her to become a full-fledged sorceress.
The five gems were sold in a peninsula "Scandinavisco".
Based on that information Alisa solely arrives at Scandinavisco but…
She was a bit late. Gems have already come to each different men’s hands.
Which means Alisa has to undertake their dirty requests…
Genre: jRPG, Female , Cloth Changing, Big Tits, Magical Girl, Monsters, , Interspecies, Milk, Creampie, Prostitution, Peeing, Exhibitionism
Size: 260 MB
Censorship: Is
Developer/publisher: ShiroKuroSoft
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn’t required
Version: 1.01
Language of a game (plot): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Postscoring language: Japanese

File size: 262.3 MB

Legend of Soleil – Lila and Nene’s great adventure

The story begins in a boarding chivalry school located on a certain island of the Dest Kingdom. During this long vacation students have to go out of the dormitory and stay at their parents’ home.
Leila appears in a depressive mood because she doesn’t go nicely with her .
Upon arriving at her parents house, as expected, she finds him with grim expression.
Next morning…
Leila is awakened by ‘s shriek. When she get into parents’ bedroom, there she finds that her is and cold…
Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Clothes Changing, Female , Dark Skin, Blonde, Big Tits, Prostitution, Consensual, Titsjob, Blowjob, Footjob, Anal, Harassment, Group, Bukkake, Creampie, Restraint, , Monsters, Interspecies, Pregnant
Size: 918 MB
Censorship: Is
Developer/publisher: Milk Seeki/Miru kuse
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn’t required
Version: 1.03
Language of a game (plot): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Postscoring language: Japanese

File size: 829.5 MB

I Want Peach (Xalas Studios

Genres: 3DCG, Straight, Blowjob, Titsjob, Footjob, Big Tits, Big Ass, Futanari

Looks like Peach and Zelda are getting a bit naughty with one another.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:35
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 5956kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 522.9 MB

Sex in the woods with a magician

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Girls
Genres: All sex, Blowjob
Video language: English

It’s complete anarchy in Gotham as StudioFOW launches its depraved new series! Without the Dark Knight around there’s a distinct lack of fear around the city, but as the Clown Princess of Crime is about to discover, there are far more terrifying things lurking in Gotham’s seedy underbelly. Lesson one of this new Gotham is don’t piss off the wrong guys…

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:28
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 5614kbps
Audio: 392kbps

File size: 901.2 MB

Furifure Vol. 2 – Scene 1

Sumire is about to lose her home, she can’t afford to pay for it anymore…so she decides to sell the one thing she has left…her body.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 20:00
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 104.4 MB

The Animation Imouto Paradise! Vol. 3

Individual rich and attractive younger move with high quality by the hands of striking staff and it is a very satisfying article with pant ballooning! The eldest Nanase Sakura who has a gentle character wrapping everything, Focusing on the bright and innocent four girls’ youthful spring And I will draw a very paradise!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 17:01
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 128.6 MB

Furifure Vol. 2 – Scene 2

Little does she know, the man she ends up giving her first time to is…

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 21:10
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 111.7 MB

Reason Why I Mark My

Ryuji Oki (Oki Ryuji) had a person who I thought once. She married Ryuji’s older and gave birth to a soon. The unrequited love distorted with time, stagnating in Ryuji. Ryuji’s thought’s , Rin Summer (Rin). She visits Ryuji as a lodging retreat. Aligned uprightness. Gin growing into a beauty similar to her . Meat adheres well to the chest and thighs with reasonable meat, I show a woman’s body from a sailor uniform. Rinji that distorted desire rechallenges again in the summer of the year that leaves the emotional side of the person. The aphrodisiac which I found by chance causes his last reason to collapse.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 16:16
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 106.7 MB

Erotic counsel Sensei Namaiki Hame doll Friends

Takashi is a teacher. One day in his class enrolled two new students, welcoming ringleader Shizuku and modest demure Satsuki. And all was well until a Deputy Director appointed Takashi them responsible. And then it turns out that Shizuka where arrogant and selfish than it seemed at first glance …

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 19:52
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 109.9 MB

Slut Witch s Atelier

Release Year: 2018

year 2018
Genre: jRPG, Female , Big Breasts, Witch, Bitch, Monsters, Interspecies, Creampie, Group, Captivity

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 1.0
Language of the game (story): Japanese
Language: Japanese
Language of voice: Japanese
System requirements (minimum):
OS: Windows 7 | CPU: Intel Celeron / PentiumIII 2GHz + | Memory: 4GB + | HDD: 1.8GB | Video: 1024×768 full color | DirectX: 8.0+

Ernes’ fame is well-known around the world as one of the top notch witches.
She had quite some of the greatest episodes like she cured the King’s incurable
disease, won a war against a major nation, beat a hydra and so forth.

File size: 1.5 GB

Trance Female Fantasy Nexus Ver.1.10

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Fantasy, Futanari, Gender Bender, Masturbation, Harassment, Corruption, Group, Yuri, Creampie, X-Ray
Censorship: Yes
Platform: PC / Windows
Language of the game (story): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Language voice: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 7 | CPU: Intel Celeron / PentiumIII 2GHz + | Memory: 4GB + | HDD: 2GB + | Video: 1024×768 full color

Description: Pray, Fight, Become a girl! In this gender change-themed Rpg, one’s body and mind get feminized with each use of magic! A relatively timid boy Itsuki Nevertal is the heir of an aristocratic family in a suburban region. He has lived in peace with his cute and a bit air-headed old friend Marina. One of these days, however … A letter is sent to him by the Liebedein Kingdom. This letter is to summon him to a ritual, as a girl … After a careful consideration, Itsuki-kun decides to
attend the ritual as a girl with cross-dressing clothes. No problem … However, the decision will lead him to unexpected experiences and adventures. Download and enjoy!

File size: 1.2 GB

One-line brave foreigner

Release Year: 2015

"Dragon" also called Personality God appeared, the world which gave super power to the "Dragon man" that is chosen.
Dragons were also working for the sake of the world for the sake of the world and also fought against the evil king that fought the world.

Such a big story is a mediocre and impotent youth immos who lives in a small village of a nearly remote frontier.
While feeling a sense of inferiority to his incompetence, he is an excellent Tri,
dragon man Rotiae, gentle nuns crimina, princess Princess Otobo with Aina
I enjoyed peace and kindness.

However, it was decided that defeating the evil at the dragons’ meeting is top priority,
Even dragon people who were in welfare etc will all be hunted. In other words Rotiaa is a friend.

Battle type The strongest corner, the brave Balageth.
He Rotiau to accompany his brave party.
Rotiaa who took the village hostage, granting himself unspoken.
Although Imos is incompetent to defend Rotya, although it is powerless

Version upgrade information
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Role-Playing
file format
Music Available Trial version available
Depressed friend Fatigue pregnant / fetish gaggy

File size: 356.3 MB

The World A Robot Girl Dream Of

Release Year: 2018

year 2018
Genre: jRPG, Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Femdom, Footjob, Interspecies Sex, Battlefuck

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 3.2
Language of the game (story): Japanese
Language: Japanese
Language of voice: Japanese
System requirements (minimum):
OS: Win XP / 7SP1 / 8/10 | CPU: i3 2.0 GHz | RAM: 4GB | VRAM: DirectX 9.0 | HDD: 4GB | RPG TKool VX Ace RTP

This story is about the fight of the last guy on Earth
named Yul and girls with a mechanized body.
Will he be able to open the way to the future or
will be defeated and used for different purposes?

File size: 3.6 GB

Tsunemu! – Tightly Bound And Instruct – The Animation

It is Yasuni who is angry in front of me. She is my student and she. When it finally gets beaten up and trembling, Sayuri has handed out a towel to my nose somehow. Instead of a fist, a towel. I wonder what kind of painful thing will come from now
After staring at me as she was throbbing, Saiki fell down on the bed.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 25:20
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 187.1 MB

Cos Ro Additional Cosplay

Release Year: 2018

year 2018
Genre: jRPG, Customized, Cosplay, Exposure, Big Breasts, Outdoor, Exhibitionism

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 1.24 + 2.03
Language of the game (story): Japanese
Language: Japanese
Language of voice: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): – CPU 2.0GHz – RAM 1GB – HDD 2GB
* Ver1.20 – the little big update
The update is updated, with the following added features and content:
– cut-ins play during touching
– additional replay mode options (you can now change or remove clothes)
branching story route (clear route with appropriate endings)
– additional dungeon level (reward: route reset item)
– revised game system (reduced capacity load, reduced processing)

File size: 406.6 MB

Psycho hentai Masochist Noel chan gets a pedal in 3d space

Release Year: 2018

To deliver pains to and a psycho hentai masochist Noel-chan.
This is what you do in this real-time 3D game.

You can change the angle to see Noel-chan’s ryona (cruelty) and sex freely!

In addition to five situations shown in the previous work,
this time two more completely new situations are added!
Existing situations: hammer, whipping, hanged, hot brand, spanking with a bat
Added situations: trampling with a large tire, belly torture with a log

Even more plays added to the last work that was released with the biggest volume ever!
We have made improvements in the fundamental system that deliver
freedom of camera angle. It is far more flexible than in the previous work!
Anime-style toon shading and light source options are loaded!

Scenes are free from sorrowful feelings. Win-win violations for all.
Haven’t yet been aware of your inner ryona kinks? This is the gate to the ryona.
Please enjoy Noel-chan

Easy controls with buttons on the screen.
Drugging left mouse button to adjust the angle around.
Arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move.
123 keys to set the sight directed to Noel-chan.

Series Noel-chan
Age Ratings
Work Format
GameSimulation / 3D Ryona Sex Viewing Game
File Format
Inc. VoiceInc. Anime3DCGTrial
Maniac Polygon Restraint Gut Punch Torture Ryona/Brutal

GTX1030 or greater recommended

File size: 616.8 MB

White room

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

girl in beautiful black lingerie strips herself and begins to fuck her pussy with a big dildo

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:53
Video: 1920×960, AVC (H.264), 14652kbps
Audio: 189kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

Brittanys Joy Ride Chair (Puppetmaster-Affect3D

Release Year: 2017
Genres: 3DCG, Futanari, Sex Toy, Solo, Oral, Anal, Chair

Watch Brittany as she strokes her massive cock while enjoying her favorite dildo deep in her hot ass. She gets more and more excited until she finally releases a huge load of cum! Feel the excitement and pleasure she has in the pictures and video with highest quality animation!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 6:46
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

File size: 270.4 MB