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Flashjokeday SiteRip

Before you – a wonderful collection of funny and devilishly funny childish cartoon! Jokes and sea jokes “about it” for adults. So remove children from the screens and try not torn stomach from laughing ………. File size: 404.9 MB

Puella Magi Mami Brutalia

Release : Nov/30/2012 Swallowed by a witch that was born in a hospital, a magical girl found herself quarantined like a lab specimen. Helpless against the shady doctors who probed her delicates she was sent into continuous climaxes

幻奏童話 Alicetale

Release : Nov/30/2012 商品紹介 わるい “おおかみ” と戦う “童話の力(ALICE)” を得た少女たちが、今ここに現る! GALACTICA最新作は、誰もが知っているお伽話をモチーフにした、変身ヒロインたちによる学園バトルメルヘンAVG! 舞台は、増え続ける悪いバケモノ “おおかみ” と、それに対抗する “ALICE(童話の力)” を持った少女たちがいる世界。 主人公は “おおかみに変身するALICE” という謎の能力を得たために、勘違いした少女たちから追われるハメになってしまう。 そんな女の子たちとのてんやわんやの学園生活や、メルヘンな見た目に反したハードで熱い戦闘などが繰り広げられていくのだ! なお、ALICEを持つヒロインたちの変身シーンはハイクオリティのアニメーションで演出! そしておおかみとの戦闘パートでは、一風変わったゲームシステムを採用。 リアルタイム3Dを駆使してミニキャラたちが立ち回る、簡単操作でリズミカルなバトルが繰り広げられるぞ! ストーリー では、キミの力で私の “大切なもの探し”、手伝ってもらうよ。 春駒銀太は “おおかみ” である――。 いつの間にか “おおかみ“ に変身できるようになっていた銀太は、元々の正義感から “おおかみ” の力を正義の力として振るっていた。 しかし、見た目はどう間違っても “おおかみ”、必然的に出会ってしまった童話の力を持つ少女たちと謎の赤ずきん少女との出会いで、物語が新たなページを描き始める。 これは、とある学園都市で巻き起こる “童話”と“絆”、“少年”と“少女たち” の物語―― File size: 3.0 GB

Netorare Ochita Onna-tachi

Release Year: 2012 Genres: Female Teachers, Large Breasts, Students Video language: Japanese This story tells us about the forbidden love between a teacher and her pupil.

Sentakuya Shin-chan ep1

Release Year: 2007 Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Harem, Housewives, Oral, Anal Video language: Japanese Bus runs in the family business, that is a laundry with express delivery, in which he is the best and the business is really growing. Especially a lone female contingent that does not mind getting other services from the bus, and that he will be happy

Night When Evil Falls

Release Year: 2006 Genres: Anal sex, Blowjob / Oral sex, Group sex, Tentacles, Mystic, Demons Video language: Japanese Devil King Gilva wants revenge on his old enemy the Evil King Zurbachu. For this, he sends his children to grasp the demonic daughter Zurbacha, dark princess Shellis Elleness.

Tokubetsu Byoutou ep1

Release Year: 2007 Genres: Futanari, Nurse, group, virgins Video language: Japanese In the hospital we see men, and what are they? There is a head nurse with all the right things to replace them. And then there are tablets on which the rest of nurses grow nipples and clitoris

Cafe Junkie ep1

Release Year: 2008 Genres: Straight, Virgins, Blowjob, Big breasts, Harem, Footjob Video language: Japanese Masaru have no job, and he soon ends up tech. College. He spends time in the cafe “Hidamari”.

Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai ep1

Release Year: 201 Genres: titjob, straight, footjob, oral, Video language: Japanese Release of the first erotic game studio Flower ended in complete failure, and employees remain unpaid. However, they are not employees, and employee – the entire staff of this small company consists of four good looking girls. They have an impressive record on the part of the drawing doujinshi, and writing erotic stories, and they have had some success in this field, but there is one aggravating circumstance: they are virgins, and the results of their work due to the absence of real life experience

Brother. Real 3D

Release Year: 2007 Studio: Doll House Cast: Sister Genres: 3D, Oral sex, Big Breasts, Straight, Incest Video language: Japanese Sister was scared at night and she went into the room to the little brother, thought sleep a little, but it was the opposite Format: avi Duration: 12:30 Video: 640×480, DivX 4, 957kbps Audio: 93kbps File size: 97.4 MB

Delusion 3D

Release Year: 2007 Studio: Doll House Cast: Sister Genres: 3D, Oral sex, Big Breasts, Straight, Incest Video language: Japanese Fantasy story about his older brother about sex with a younger sister.


Release Year: 2008 Studio: Umemaro 3D Cast: Senpai Genres: Animation, Big breasts, Group sex Video language: Japanese Wonderful sex with Senpai. Enjoy! Format: avi Duration: 14:47 Video: 640×480, DivX 5, 2901kbps Audio: 187kbps File size: 335.4 MB

The Crazy Female Teacher

Release Year: 2004 Studio: Umemaro 3D Cast: Teacher Genres: 3D, Big Breasts, Straight, Oral Video language: Japanese Several students and a teacher were guilty decided to teach them a “lesson” … Format: avi Duration: 10:19 Video: 640×480, DivX 5, 2906kbps Audio: 187kbps File size: 234.6 MB


Release Year: 2005 Studio: Umemaro Cast: Mai Genres: 3D Hentai Video language: Japanese When the girl was in the pantry with her boyfriend suddenly appeared two guys…