Menkui! / Surface pile! / Susceptible to cute!

Menkui! / Surface pile! / Susceptible to cute!
Menkui! Face.1 “Hajimetedakara … yasashiku shite”
Surface pile! Face.1 “So easy on the first …”
Greedy for cute! A face: “This is my first time so be gentle …”
Year: 2011 (27/05/2011, 26/08/2011)
Genre: Maids, Oral, Outdoor, Virgin
Series: ep.1
Duration: 28min (00:28:22, 00:28:15)
Censorship: Yes to all files
Language: Japanese
Postproduction: Original
Language: English
Subtitles: Built-energized and External ASS | SSA [SubDESU-H] | [FAKKU]
Language: Russian (ep.1)
Postproduction: Amateur (Men’s) ASS | SSA [VashMax2]
Subtitles: Built-energized and External ASS | SSA [AT_Team]
Studio: Pink Pineapple
Description: A guy and a girl grew to sexual />Story 1: Manami nicknamed the Devil’s Queen “stylish, beautiful and flawless in every way. All the boys at the school recognized his love for her, but only in response to hearing a loud denial, and voditsya with them. Out of this behavior and its pride in Manami still no lover. However, one boy with disheveled hair, unpretentious person and tucked his shirt knowing this, still wants to confess his love to her. After all, he Menkui! is the guy who goes only by beautiful women.
Story 2: Akin caught his neighbor and at school roof Masaru reading erotic magazine about the maids with their friends. After selecting this obscene object she threw it in the trash. Realizing its not a good deed, and remembering their former friendship with him, Akin decides to return the magazine. In his house, she saw the maid costume and decided to change into it while Masaru’s not home. Hearing how he came in, she decided to hide in a closet and forget about his left school uniform on the bed. Masaru immediately understood what was going on and to not disclose her “little secret” she will perform his duties ero-maid. (C) Diego3000
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MKV
Video Codec: h264
Audio Codec: AC3, MP3, AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 704×396 23.98fps 1177Kbps, 1782Kbps
Audio 1: (ep.1) RU – AC3, 48 000 Hz stereo 192kbps
Audio 2: (ep.1) JP – MP3, 48 000 Hz stereo 192kbps
Audio: (ep.2) AAC 48000Hz stereo

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