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[Hentai Game]The Sex Demon’s Seed

– Story – The main character finds an ancient book in the library, and upon opening it he gets possessed by the sex demon! Overnight, he gains the full powers of the sex demon, and begins taking his revenge on his older sister who had bullied him until now! In response to the main characters feelings for his Rinko Kamo, he also captures her and begins changing the girls into obedient sex slaves… Original Art: Hodaka Koonji Scenario: Awaru Ikuta, Sayu.

Intruder – Raruka

The stage is set! A solitary island ruled by tyranny and assault, in the middle of the southern sea! A spy adventure game following a female agent’s lonely battle for justice! Raruka, an international terrorist, has been imprisoned during a mission, and has been declared as killed in action. However, the economical leader of Europe, duke Elberich, appears before her and declares that he has bought her life. Her life saved because of her skills as a terrorist, Raruka is sent to a solitary island in the southern sea

The Dark Princess

Year: 2011 Genre: Rape, BDSM, Oral, Anal, tentacles Duration: 36:39 Censorship: Yes to all files Language: Japanese Postproduction: Original Subtitles: Built nondisconnectable (hardsub) Description: Black Swan, leader of evil secret society. A female fighter, a beautiful dark elf princess