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His demons

Year: 2009 Genre: Rape, Blowjob, Female Students, Incest, Lolicon, Virgin, Neko Series: ep. 1-2 of 2 Length: OAV (2 ep.), 30 min. Censorship: Yes to all files Language: Japanese Postproduction: Original Language: English Subtitles: Built-in switchable ASS / SSA Language: Russian Postproduction: Home (odnogolosoe) (First episode: VashMax2) Subtitles: External ASS / SSA Directed by: Youta Nobidome Design Character: Hikaru Kinohara Studio: Blue Gale, PoRO Description: Mother of Marina and Airi divorced a few years ago and recently married a young man.


Year: 2007 Country: Japan Genre: Androids, Futanari, Large Breasts, Mechanical Tentacles, Nudity, Sex, Yuri Length: OAV (1 ep.), 34 min. description: Mayuka three girls, Izumi, and Usagi have the ability to repair mechanisms rather unusual way (which is kept in the strictest confidence.) They put them on the pendant in the shape of a banana, and then grow out of a broken object genitals. The girls meet zhelezyaku, and she miraculously “cured.” About this ability to recognize the main character and blackmails girls: sex or publicity

Midnight Sleazy Train Track 2

Year: 2004 Genre: Chikan, Female Students, Female Teachers, Gangbang Duration: OVA (3 episodes), 30 min. Translation: Subtitles (switchable) Russian subtitles: none Directed by: Raikaken Studio: Atelier Kaguya, GP Museum, Milky, T-Rex Description: In Japan, now have become an acute problem sexual harassment in trains

Sailor Fuku Shinryou Tsumaka

Year: 2011 Genre: Big tits, Straight, Harem, School, Mature, Students Series: ep. 1-2 of 2 Duration: 27 minutes (00:26:35, 00:26:48) Censorship: Yes to all files Language: Japanese Postproduction: Original Subtitles: English Built-energized and External ASS | SSA [SubDESU-H] Director: Katou Seishirou Studio: YOUC, Vanilla, Rose Crown, Digital Works Description: Nozomu – still a student, but already known in the field of psychiatry

The Dark Princess

Year: 2011 Genre: Rape, BDSM, Oral, Anal, tentacles Duration: 36:39 Censorship: Yes to all files Language: Japanese Postproduction: Original Subtitles: Built nondisconnectable (hardsub) Description: Black Swan, leader of evil secret society. A female fighter, a beautiful dark elf princess

Vavi Luv

Luv Вави Год выпуска: 2000 Жанр: Action, Cops, Horror, Law and Order, Mecha, SciFi, Violence Продолжительность: OAV (3 эп.), 30 мин. Язык:Японский Озвучка: Оригинальная Язык: Английский Озвучка: Проф. дубляж Субтитры: English (внутренние отключаемые UTF-8) Цензура: нет Режиссёр: Hiroya Iijima Студия: Pink Pineapple Описание: Мир, контролируемый компьютерной сетью BC 2039.

Girl of the Shel

Year: 2010 Genre: Big tits, School, Straight, Drama, Paizuri, Detective, Students Series: ep. 2.1 Duration: 30 min (00:27:43, 00:28:46) Censorship: Yes to all files Voice: Japanese Original Subtitles: English External ASS [Fapyuu] Directed by: Misumi Ran Character design: Ishihara Megumi Scenario: Sekimachi Taifuu Studio: Platinum Milky, Studio Eromatick, Innocent Grey, MS Pictures Description: A former cop, now a private detective Reydzi Tokisaku invited to meet his friend Uodzumi, who still works in the department to investigate serious crimes. He asks Reydzi help in discovering a mysterious case: some time ago was found severed limbs, belonging, presumably, young girls, but they found the body did not succeed ..

Sex Crime: Zero Sum Gamay

Year: 2001 Genre: Rape, Oral, Bondage, Large Breasts Series: OVA, 1 episode Length: 30 min. Censorship: None Language: Japanese Postproduction: Original Subtitles: Eng. (Built-in switchable ASS) Directed by: Kaoru Toyooka Studio: Blue Eyes Description: Yuka, a young college student and Yazaki Keith, a famous lead singer in “Zero Sum band” thought that they would spend their whole lives together.


Year: 2008-2010 Genre: Softcore, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Lolicon, Incest Series: ep. 1-6 of 7 Duration: 5 to 25 minutes Censorship: None Postproduction: Original English Subtitles: Built-in switchable ASS / SSA (episodes 00-02) Director: Munenori Nawa Studio: Feel, B.G.P.A.C. (Beijing Golden Pinasters Animation Company) Description: Keith – Simple Japanese schoolchildren – a student of the third of secondary school, which is preparing to take exams in high school

Donburi Kazoku

Gonzo’s wife, Yukiko – constantly masturbating, and his son and daughter are desperate for sex. Shocked, Gonzo decides to take matters into his own hands, or rather to his own pants. In the short term, Yukiko and her daughter learn the value of Rio love from Gonzo, practicing all together! Because my dad, he will do everything that his family was happy! And it will remain “happy”! Genre: incest, gangbang, rape, anal, female students, housewives, large breasts, small breasts Series: ep.

Princess 69

Year of production: c 25.10.2002 to 22.08.2003 Genre: school, rape, BDSM Series: ep 1-4 of 4 Length: OAV (4 ep.), 30 min. Censorship: None Postproduction: Original Language: English Director: Teruaki Murakami Studio: Pink Pineapple Description: A young girl begins to learn gymnastics but she could not imagine that a teacher would pervert its teaching. Waiting for you the whole story

Yubisaki Annainin Shirudaku Settai Okawari Sanhaime

Description: In one of the many streets of the city, is located very interesting shop (the hotel). It is slightly different from all other similar establishments in this because it is young and beautiful girl, maid tours, along with a charming fellow, offers its visitors an unusual massage with special oils

Women at Work

Year: 2005 Country: Japan Genre: comedy, large breasts, oral, anal Length: OAV (2 ep.), 30 min. Studio: Anime Antenna Group (Animac) Description: The protagonist, Ekiioshi, throws the girl out of the fact that he has not gone by the body. Having convinced himself that women like mountain of muscle, he goes to work at the construction site.

Slutty-Princess Diaries

Year: 2004 Country: Japan Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Elves Length: OAV (3 ep.), 30 min Translation: Subtitles (English) Download Russian subtitle Directed by: Shinen Chiba Studio: Studio Tamashii, Animac description: Do not believe the demons when they offer you to conclude a bargain. Even if half of your country invaded, you are sent as a hostage, the king of hostile countries, over your mother abused and killed, and your little sister that you really, really love, not only as a sister, and for which are ready for everything , imprisoned in the magical tower and within a year should be sacrificed for the sake of peace and prosperity throughout the land … Do not believe the demons, even if they look like beautiful girl.

Sex Warrior Pudding

Year: 2004 Genre: Gigantic Breasts, Waitresses, Yuri Length: OAV (3 ep.), 30 min. (one file) Translation: Subtitles (English, built-in, switchable) Russian subtitles: none Directed by: Katsuma Kanazawa Studio: Milky Description: There is a not a big restaurant, the hostess is part of a secret organization to fight crime. The main thrust, perverts, frightening women of the city

mai ryona ryou

Description: superheroine defeated by unfair means in the ring, beat nasuvali fuck needles, and then, and his instruments. Genre: 3DCG, Rape, Torture, Group sex, Blowjob, Titsjob, Creampie Duration: 25:12 Censorship: Yes to all files Language: Japanese Postproduction: Original Subtitles: Built nondisconnectable (hardsub) Video Quality: SiteRip Video Format: WMV Video codec: Windows Media Audio Codec: WMA Video: Bit rate: 2664 Kbps Width: 854 pixels Height: 480 pixels Display aspect ratio: 16:9 Frame rate: 15.000 fps Resolution: 8 bits Audio 1: Bit rate: 192 Kbps Channel (s): 2 channels Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz Resolution: 16 bits File size: 529.2 MB