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Ikedori Musume Vanille Flavor

Release : Feb/04/2013 Final Fantasy XIII Vanille ecchi 3D animation Separated from her party. Vanille falls victim to a surprise magic attack… When she opens her eyes..

Shin Ruriiro no Yuki

Release Year: 2000 Genres: romance, phantasy Video language: Japanese Makabe Hiroshi, who liked science and invention, was supposed to move to the apartment which was owned by the parents of his childhood friend, Yoko. There was a rumor that a ghost appeared in the room, but he decided to move because of very inexpensive rent


The hero’s party sojourned in a small village. It was a welcome reprieve from battle, but one of the party wasn’t content to enjoy the peace. She was a troublemaking nekomimi, and she would do what she pleased

Smile Party Hyper! dl

Release : Oct/09/2012 Welcome to SMILE PARTY, your semen “disposal” fiesta of magical happy slave hnrrghhh *SPLURTFFTT*! 28 full color pages, bonus variations JPEG format in 3 sizes, PDF also included Over 250 total JPEG images File size: 543.6 MB

Labyrinth of Tentacles

Release: 2012/08/08 Defeat the little girl bosses while you explore the dungeon, and train them with tentacles into joining your party. Traditional RPG exploration with various tentacle equipments and weapons

[Hentai RPG] Slave Anime RPG -SLAVE QUEST v1.3

Only girl monsters exist in a parallel world of lust… Become the legendary monster-capturing “Slave Knight” and fornicate the evil away, for glory hotness! * Sex system lets you enslave evil monsters with sex! Once converted, you can use them in your party! * Smooth animation! Girl monsters move and groove! * Battle voice for every monster girl! Trainload of voice actresses! * Unlock bonus anime after you’ve successfully captured girls! * Retro style graphics, massive volume story! Approx. 70 characters

[3D Hentai Games] PoorSakura

Release Year: 2010 Genres: 3d, flash, game Video language: English Genre: Action, 3DCG, Flash, Blowjob, Group sex, Fighting, Screensaver, Striptease, Rape, Animation, Torture, BDSM Censorship: Partly prisutsvtuet (in some games) Developer: 7thDream Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: Modified (pirates) License: Freeware Language: Japanese Type of translation: the text and sound in this language (the original) Language: Japanese / English PoorSakura – SP: This is a special story of “Poor Sakura” series, it doesn’t related to the main story line. Sakura was attacked by a bunch of wolfs in a temple.

JabComix – Full Repack

Content: Over 3270 Pics All Update and PLUS+ Dat Ass (complete) Omega Girl 1-4 (complete) Goof Trap – Family Affair 1 Goof Trap – Family Affair 2 (complete) The Tale of Kiki Possible /cover + 5 pages The Wrong House 1-6 part + 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 Total Fucking Drama /cover + 8 pages Johnny Testicles Americunt Dragon 1-2 part Ay Papi 1-15 part + Ay Papi 3 (Color) My Hot Ass Neighbor 1-5 part Farm Lessons 1-16 part Great Party Hearts & kisses Hot Maids Blowback In The Elevator Nurse Stacy Magazine / A White XXXMas, Milf Magazine, Jabloid, Chorin an Whorin Art Contest 1-19 part 2006 Collaboration Contest 2007 Collaboration Contest All Animation All Sketches All Pinups All Misc All Parodies 2 Game File size: 779.6 MB

Virtual Date Girls

Language: English Censorship: None Crack: Description: Games are virtualdategirls Adventure. 12 girls, 14 stories in each of which, as a rule, there are several story lines

The House of Morecock

Release Year: 2001 Studio: Greenwood Cooper Home Video Cast: Joe Phillips ,Jason Rodriguez Genres: Cartoon, Comix, Fantasy In October 2001 the studio Greenwood Cooper Home Video has released the world’s first full-length gay cartoon for adults (with the exception of the Japanese anime).

Etcycle [Clesta / Cle Masahiro]

2004-08-15 Fake ever since (Shoujo Byou) 2005-01-21 A Profile (Akabei Soft) 2005-12-30 Ultra Marine (Kabayakiya) 2006-08-13 Meguri Meguri 2006-08-13 Shiroi Koibito 2006-09-30 Hime Kiss ~KISS no Ato no Naisho no Himegoto…~ (Tanabegumi) 2006-12-31 Black Out 2006-12-31 MM’s 2007-02-11 Nininga kasumi Gaiden (C-CUBE) 2007-04-22 Anekan ~Oneechan Kansatsu Nikki~ ( Yumemisou) 2007-04-22 Sweet pumpkins 2007-04-27 Touki Inbaku 2 -Ryoushoku Senki Enassuku- (Tanabegumi) 2007-06-17 CL-an 1 2007-08-19 CL-ic 01 2007-12-31 CL-orz 01 – KiMiKiSS 2007-12-31 Party! 2008-03-01 Zatsu sister (Comic Megastore Vol.65) 2008-04-20 CL-an 2 2008-04-27 CL-ic 02 2008-06-15 Berserk 2008-06-15 Lydia de iro 2008-08-02 Japanism Girl (Comic Megastore Vol.69) 2008-08-17 CL-orz 02 – Final Fantasy IV 2008-10-05 CL-ic 03 2008-10-05 Senseless 2008-11-21 Shinzui Vol.5 (Kabushikigaisha Toranoana) 2008-12-30 A-H-E 18 creators’ ahe-gao illustrations (A-H-E Seisaku Iinkai) 2008-12-30 CL-an 3 2008-12-30 CL-orz 03 – Dragon Quest 2008-12-30 Do Hentai Miku 2009-02-01 Evil Wish (Comic Unreal Vol.17) 2009-02-08 CL-ic 04 2009-04-26 CL-orz 04 – Amagami 2009-05-01 Complex Fuwari (Comic Megastore) 2009-08-16 CL-orz 05 – Amagami 2009-08-16 CL-orz 06 – Neon Genesis Evangelion (6.0) 2009-11-15 CL-orz 07 – Dream C Club 2009-12-31 CL-orz 08 – Neon Genesis Evangelion (8.0) 2010-02-07 Osumesu Twins! (ETCxETC) 2010-04-02 Sengoku Makan (Black Lilith) 2010-04-11 CL-orz ~Mito de Dasu hazudatta Hon~ 2010-04-29 CL-orz 09 – Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2010-06-27 CL-orz 10 – Neon Genesis Evangelion 2010-08-15 CL-orz 11 – Love Plus 2010-10-24 CL-orz 12 – Love Plus 2010-12-31 CL-orz 13 – You Can (Not) Advance 2011-02-13 CL-astia 2 2011-04-17 Monfun 2011-05-01 CL-orz 14 – Puella Magi Madoka Magica 2011-06-19 CL-orz 15 – Monster Hunter 2011-06-19 CL-orz 16 – Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shirana 2011-07-01 Kozukuri Onsen ~ Ippai Tsukutte Ichizoku Hanei! ~ (HighRunning) 2011-08-14 CL-orz 17 – Monster Hunter File size: 2.3 GB

Advent of the Demon King 2 -Wailing Heroine Virgin-olation-

Become the fearsome devil king who terrorizes so many kingdoms in popular JRPG games — only this time you’re assaulting them in a conquest-driven ADV + SIM style! Expand your evil empire across the realm, taking down an all-new 13 characters from the female hero and her party to village girls, princesses and warriors. All the girls are voiced! Seize the towns – Capture and build new areas. – 3 commands: Attack, Produce, Fortify – Normal and easy modes

Let’s Do The Goodfeeling Wife! RPG

Before he can fuck the widow, he has to find the wedding ring he lost! To the west! To the east! You’ve got to find that ring! Play an epic sex-fueled adventure RPG filled with hotties (the widow, the fresh bride, the yankee biker chick, a totally normal wife, plump fortune teller, pharmacist, and gas inspector lady) and defeat the men who stand between you and their wet panties (chinpira, mafia, stalker, old timer, old wench, salesman, etc.)! 7 Women 12 Sex Scenes 7 Party Member Creatures (like cockroach, gangster, mouse, etc.) Review Mode (unlockable password on 2nd playthrough) File size: 43.9 MB