[H-GAME] Mahjong OG Wars

A string mahjong game featuring characters from the Super Robot Wars Original Generation series. While it is a mahjong game, it’s not really a traditional one…

[H-game] Where wishes are drawn to each other

Original name: 涼風のメルト -Where wishes are drawn to each other- Release date: 27.08.2010 Description: Whirlpool’s 5th title is about the bonds between humans and spirits. Akihito lives in Mishiro-machi, a town which is said to be protected by a local god and spirits, but not many people nowadays believe this.

[H-game] Conqueror Fallen Monster – Punitive School

Original name: 征触者 ~堕ちゆく討魔の学園~ Release date: 25.03.2009 Description: Battle with a beautiful exorcist girl with black jack! If you can beat them, you can see them falling into the pleasure world! Magic seal have been expired, and many monsters are walking around in this world. Hakuou School, which trains exorcists, have been training many female exorcists.

[H-game] Kanjuku Sakuranbou

Original name: 完熟☆さくらん棒ッ!~ヒキオタ達の姉妹交換~ Release date: 12.11.2010 Description: Takuya is going to be 30 years old soon. However, he has never had sex.

Bring It To My Room 2

The wizard licks, sucks, and drinks all the sweet nectar that he wants from these poor trapped girls. From that he can call forth even more magical ability and his lust continues to grow! File size: 460.8 MB

Bring It To My Room 1

A princess has been captured by a strange looking invader only to be locked up in a dark room and restricted by a chain of gold. File size: 193.4 MB

Dark Side Hero

The heroine resembles a character from the game series “Dragon Quest” fell into the hands of villain =)… File size: 636.8 MB

The Right Hand of God

Academy “Genie Vibros” under wag ancient demonic beings who have hands instead of vibrators. Beautiful and quiet student, Eric leads a secret double life, one is an ordinary student, and in another she warrior fought demons. After all the lessons to Eric attacks a monster ….

Love Pool

She crept up to the pool, but did not swim it was a completely different purpose … File size: 172.5 MB

[3D VIDEO] Seidorenger – Humiliated Sentai Heroine

Release: 2010/11/30 Saint Pink is one of the Saint Warrior – Seirenger members who fight for justice. She leads battles days and nights to defeat ZUBAGO, an organization of evils. Saint Pink is engaged to marry Saint Red, another member of the team, when the war is over

Sloven Maid Kurumi

Year: 2010 Genre: Animation, 3DCG, Anal sex, Big breasts, Maids, Oral sex Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution Developer: OMEGA13 Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: Original (licensed) License: Freeware Language: Japanese Type of translation: the text and sound in this language (the original) Language: Japanese System Requirements: Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7, HDD: 1GB Kurumi – such a pretty maid, that obscene filth that comes out of her mouth which she sucks your cock, he will burn your ears! Not only shameful game, but the erotic image of its absolute nudity. You can enjoy her active, moving naked body or by a uniformed maid. Many scenes ejaculation – includes swallowing and vaginal inside! You can even dive into her virgin anus.