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Lei Fang wearing nothing but her panties comes to the Lord of Sins for his help, the Cacodemon listens to her & goes off to summon the Lord of Sins. The Lord of Sins appears, his form that of an Archvile demon, Lei tells him she wants to give up her sins, she has nothing to offer him except her body. She shly removes her arms covering her enormous tits, the Archvile huge cock starts to rise becoming hard the longer he stares at her naked body. She tells him she is a little shy as she turns around her & removes her thong. She bends over against a slab & jiggles her big booty ass. He comes up behind her & rests his big fat meaty cock on her back, she tells him to start now. While he slowly pulls his gargantuan cock back she tells him she’s been thinking about doing anal saying he’ll be the first. She spreads her ass wide, her asshole gapes open as he slowly penetrates her asshole. Wasting no time he begins fucking her ass as she tells him she wasn’t expecting this much main. She can do nothing to elevate the pain as she takes his huge cock thrusting over & over again into her ass while her whole body shakes with every thrust & her tits bounce around uncontrollably.

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