Known only as "Ninja", these mysterious mercenaries have worked in the shadows of history from ages past. Dealing in espionage, secrect plots and assassination, the ninja brought prosperity to Daimyo and Fuedal lords from the shadows.
Present day—
In the village of their ancestors, ninja continue to leave for training, as is tradition. However, due to lack of requests for work, the village has become nothing but a small gathering of houses in the mountains.
It is from this village that Sumire was commanded to leave, with orders to train in the city by her father, the village chief.
However, lacking food and money, she collapses on the side of the road.
Saved by the main character, she is determined to repay her debt to him and suddenly becomes an univited guest as his house…
The sullen main character and the clumsy Sumire start their erotic cohabitation!
Genre: ADV, VN, Romance, Ninjia/Kunoichi, Big tits, Footjob
Size: 743 MB
Censorship: Is absent
Developer/publisher: Qureate
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Original (licensed)
Table: Not required
Language games (plot): English, Chinese, Japanese
Interface language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Voice acting language: Japanese

File size: 765.4 MB