Lara And The Jade Skull 720p + Image Set

Release Year: 2020

Once more, Lara finds herself on another adventure deep in the heart of a jungle where she finds an ancient temple. As she explores the ruins she finds what she is looking for, the Jade Skull. As she approaches the centre of the room two muscle men appear behind her. Realizing they are after her not the treasure & the fact she is outmatched as they have guns in hand she let’s them have their way with her, using & abusing her body any way they want. Now naked she kneels on the floor as she gives both of them handjobs simultaneously while one of them holds her head in place forcing her to stare at him while she jerks him off. One puts his huge cock in her mouth while she continues to give the other a handjob. Before long one of the muscle men grabs her head pushing it back & forth on his cock not giving her time to take a breather she begins to dribble saliva down her chin. While he continues to fuck her face, the other muscle man begins fucking her asshole from behind doggystyle on the floor. At first he fucks her slowly before thrusting faster as she groans barely being able to take the sensation of the cock ripping her asshole apart from the inside. He then begins to fuck her pussy sideways as they spit-roast her before one of them is ready to cum. She kneels in front of him as he begins to jerk off in front of her eventually he cums all over her face & tits. The other muscle man takes her standing from behind in the ass as she leans against the stone table in front of her. He groans as he thrusts into her knowing he can barely take it any longer, she even starts to get into it a bit & eggs him on telling him to "come on, come on". He finally cums, filling her asshole with his hot sticky white stuff before removing his cock, cum then begins to pour out onto the floor. Having now satisfied them both, they let her leave with the Jade Skull in hand.

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