Divine Adventure Version 0.9 c

Release Year: 2020

You play as a young boy who is chosen to be the next god of destruction in universe 7 following the exile of both Beerus and Champa. With the help of your angel Vados you must attend to the duties of a GoD and raise the mortal level of universe 7. The main aspect of this game is that it is focused more on customisation as opposed to quantity. You will be able to modify the costumes of nearly every character you meet in game.

Changelogs v0.9c:
Story Changes:
– Restored every lifeless character
– Introduced all Z fighters
– Began exploring the god of destructions
– Many many more
Lewd Changes:
– Added Heles scenes
– Cleaned up some old Vados scenes
– Changed resolution for some lewd scenes
Misc Changes:
– Added Senzu beans (Can only be wished right now)
– Added Tuffle bomb (Tuffalia)

Release Date: 20 May 2020
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Milf, Handjob, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
Version: 0.9c
Censorship: No
Language: English
OS: Windows

File size: 1.1 GB