(DesireSFM) Sacrifice: The Corruption Of The Lodge III 1080p

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The long awaited third Witcher animation in the Corruption Of The Lodge series from DesireSFM with the voices of Silky Milk, Midnight Datura, The Voice Vixxen, Miss Scarlett, & Pixie Willow. Ciri’s attempt at saving Triss from the Desire Demon fails & under the spell of the Demon all the sorceress gangbang Ciri with their huge magical futa dicks. First she makes Fringilla strip & fuck Ciri’s pussy then tells Keira to take Ciri’s ass at the same time before finally making Philippa face fuck Ciri’s mouth to complete the magical orgy.

The Desire Demon now having first taken Triss then the rest of the Lodge of Sorceress under her spell finally turns to the last, Ciri. Ciri confronts the Desire Demon reaching for her sword but the Demon is too strong & quickly disables Ciri. Ciri realizes the only way to save Triss is to become like her. Ciri dreams a vision of the location of the magical book Triss originally used. She wakes up naked, gets dressed, & goes in search of the book. Desperate to save Triss she reads from the book but the Demon anticipates this & gets Fringilla to interrupt Ciri. Fringilla sneaks up behind Ciri, pulls down her shirt off her shoulders then strips her & pushes her against a chair. She then walks up behind Ciri & penetrates Ciri’s pussy with her immensely huge cock. She thrusts deep into Ciri causing Ciri’s whole body to shake as Ciri supports herself with the chair. Fringilla’s humongous cock already dripping with precum slides out of Ciri’s pussy at the exact moment she cum, cum shoots into the air. Fringilla straight away shoves her huge cock back into Ciri & continues to fuck her. She knows she’s getting close again & starts to fuck Ciri harder & much faster now as Ciri is pushed up against the back of the chair. Fringilla slips out of Ciri again cumming on the floor & shoving it straight back into Ciri’s pink pussy. Fringilla slows down fucking Ciri with slow down now her thrusts much deeper than before which bulge Ciri’s stomach. They fuck so hard the snaps the wooden chair leaving Ciri no support as she falls to the ground on her back. The Desire Demon tells Fringilla don’t you want to help her, Fringilla gets on the ground & grabs Ciri & pushes her on top of her into the cowgirl position. Ciri tells her to put it in her, Fringilla enters Ciri’s warm pussy & begins to fuck with such vigor. Ciri sits up straight on Fringilla’s mammoth cock & begins to ride her barely being able to take the sensation. She begins to rub her pussy while riding Fringilla faster & faster, Fringilla starts to fondle Ciri’s tits before Ciri calls out Triss’s name. Fringilla angry at this slaps Ciri’s tits then begins to choke Ciri before pulling Ciri forward & fucking her hard like a jackhammer. They both begin to climax at the same time, cum pours out of Ciri’s pussy around Fringilla’s enormous cock as she keeps thrusting, the cum squirting everywhere.

The Desire Demon tells Keira to take Ciri from within. Keira licks her hand then rubs her huge cock with it before walking over to Ciri & Fringilla on the floor. She bends down behind Ciri, at this moment Ciri notices Keira behind her & tells her you can’t fuck my ass, it won’t fit. Keira ignores her & slaps Ciri’s ass before penetrating her very tight asshole with her massive cock as she tells Ciri they all love it in the end. Keira & Fringilla now double teaming Ciri don’t hold back & roughly fuck her rough as Ciri groans with every thrust. Both their monumental cocks slide against each other as they furiously fuck Ciri’s ass & pussy. Fringilla grabs Ciri’s neck with both hands choking her while Keira pulls Ciri’s arms behind her & pulls on them while she fucks Ciri all the while dirty talking her.

Philippa the blind Sorceress watches from afar before the Demon tells her to tame the insatiable. She walks over to them then holds Ciri’s face as she pushes her gigantic cock into Ciri’s mouth. Philippa’s tells Ciri to take it deep as she thrusts hard into her mouth. She begins to face fuck Ciri making her take the full length of her monumental cock with every thrust causing Ciri’s throat to bulge. Fringilla, Keira, & Philippa all gangbang Ciri at the same time fucking every hole she has with huge cock at the same time. The Desire Demon decides its time to have some fun & takes control of Philippa’s body first then Keira’s & finally Fringilla’s. Controlling all three Sorceress at once she fucks Ciri deeper, faster, & harder than before. Soon enough they all begin to cum at the same time. Fringilla creampies inside Ciri’s wet pussy right as Keira cums inside Ciri’s ass then Philippa thrusts balls deep into Ciri’s mouth one last time & holds it there as she begins to fill up Ciri’s throat with her white hot juicy cum. Philippa withdraws her huge cock from Ciri’s mouth as cum drops to the floor, Ciri chokes on the cum before vomiting the cum directly onto Fringilla’s hair & the floor. Fringilla pushes Ciri off her as more cum shoots out of her huge dick into the air. As Ciri lies on the floor exhausted & used up cum begins to pour out of her pussy & asshole onto the floor. All three Sorceress now stand above Ciri as the Desire Demon asks Ciri if she’s ready now, Ciri says yes & the Demon snaps her fingers causing the Sorceress behemothic cocks to become erect once again & they simultaneously orgasm shooting cum in the air onto Ciri.

Later the Desire Demon walks up to Yennefer (Ciri’s ) & begins touching & stroking her huge cock while asking her if she’s ready to which Yennefer only responds with moaning, the Demon tells her Ciri is ready too. Yennefer walks into the room where the orgy is taking place & closes the door behind her as the Desire Demon laughs manically.

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