Evil female executive – Full Movie – HD 720p

In the Great Kingdom of Lunarium, all the locals have the lunar ability of the mental submission of all beings that is in the Kingdom given to them at birth. The higher the social status of a resident, the stronger his abilities. At the Queen this is the maximum – Double Moon, at the princess – Full Moon, at the nobility – Half of the Moon, and at the lower class – Crescent. The protagonist of this story, Katsuma, is one of the lower-level soldiers who mastered the secret Theft Theory technique, capable of intercepting make. First of all, he applied the technique on the Princess Lunatemis, thanks to which he not only mastered her virgin body, but also made the princess feel in stealing the power of another higher aristocratic woman, Kagui. Fallen girls not only lost their abilities, but also brought the kidnapper a lot of sexual pleasure …

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Duration: 58:40
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