Bible Black Only Version

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Milky
Cast: Girls and boys
Genres: Demons, Teachers, Futanari, High School, Horror, Magic, , BDSM, BodyMods, Group sex, Oral sex, Straight
Video language: Japanese

Based on the game of the same name for adults ActiveSoft Studio.
Ova’s data is a collection of previously inaccessible episodes, mainly focused on the secondary characters of the original hentai. Each of the episodes is a kind of separate independent story that went side by side with the original narration. Here, for example, the true demonic face of Hiroko Takashiro is revealed, and Ito shows his sadistic character …
OVA 1:
Part 1: Shows us the continuation of the secret connections of Hiroko Takashiro with the devil, who already "dealt" with her many years ago.
Part 2: The girl, who appeared only in the very first episode, continues her "procession"
Part 3: Just an episode about how Saiki after physical education lingered in her soul …
OVA 2:
Part 1: About how the secret cult, founded by Saiki before the arrival of Kitami, collected “material” for his secret rites.
Part 2: When Minase accidentally enchanted her friend, she felt bad even after what we were shown in the series.
Part 3: Takashiro dreams of his own students after numerous orgies.
Sp. Imari Ryoujoku Genba / Imari Scene:
"The Black Bible: of Imari" – A short rush to the "Black Bible: The Only Version", where the main character is attacked by a sex maniac in the evening after class.

Total size: 828.9 MB in 3 files.