Succubus of lust

Release Year: 2019

Here is the world where the demons whose reason is different from the world where humans live

There was a succubus MARE (Mare) with a bewitching young beautiful figure.
She was a futuristic succubus

Succubus appears in human’s dream and tempts and squeezes semen,
It’s a horrible enma

The envy of this world was enjoying as a pleasure to keep squeezing full of desire

Another brown brown futuristic succubus appeared

Indulge in the sweet act of the two imma who experience for the first time,
I will seek the body of MARE many times

Indeed the fate of the succubus

Brown succubus
A low-class immoral who has been to become heralded by the magic of MARE
I will come to seek the body of MARE gradually

Content of work

Basically the brown succubus AMUNI is a prison sentence

There are 25 loop videos and 10 additional still images

Even if the application does not work
The video is mp4 and the still image is png separately.

Application does not use the registry

Screen resolution 1280 * 720 30 fps

With voice
Audio material: Tiger Lily

Age designation
18 prohibited
Work format
file format
/ MP4 / PNG
Extravagant / monster succubus / Imma fantasy Bukkake busty / huge breasts Futanari

File size: 521.6 MB