Kotoko is a Little “Different”

Diligent and shy Kotoko Haruyama has a lot of expectations riding on her. Burdened by stress, she develops a strange habit. That is, whenever she realizes someone is looking at her lewdly, she reciprocates just a little, somewhat erotically… But her strange little habit gets bolder and bolder and… she eventually falls prey to the ploys of perverted men…
Genre: jRPG, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Big Ass, Corruption, Vaginal Sex, Blowjob/Oral, School, Uniform
Size: 349 MB
Censorship: Is
Developer/publisher: shinachiku-castella
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Language of a game (plot): English
Interface language: English

File size: 359.8 MB