Rondo music Duo Fortissimo at dawn Puun Puri ff

Release Year: 2014

Rumors of the demon after school.

It awoke to the made impulses, the appearance of the students ….
"From best friend to best friend". Desire to springs "infects".

There is only one way to be released.
Fellowship with someone, flowing desire seeds into the vagina.

Desire to spring up from the bottom of the body. Wake up, "new instinct".

From the bottom of the skirt "rising", flirting desire crushes the sky.
"Penetration" of the desire for pleasure is directed to best friends … !!!

Seniors, juniors, best friends … Good friends are getting captured,
It is torn in clothes, and pleasure is poured in without pushing.

And they wander around inside the school as the next ?demon after school?.
The curse spreads and most students have experienced it.

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