Appetite Watashi ni Natchau Kore ga Akogare no Ryuugaku Seikatsu

Release Year: 2018

Year: 2018
Genre: Girl, Monsters, Toys, Big tits, DFC, Anal, Group sex
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tabletka: Present
Game language: English
System requirements (minimum): OS: WinVista / 7/8 HDD: 343MB
Description: I’m traveling by train to school. Golden hair came into view. This is Cheryl Mayer – a student from abroad who recently transferred here.
Suddenly, her breasts are shaking in time with the shaking of the train, and I want to touch them. A few days have passed since the transfer of Cheryl, but I have not even greeted her even once, not like starting a conversation.
Look closer … Thinking about such a thing, the train shook hard, and I grabbed hold of something with my hand … Cheryl’s breasts!
I thought that she would scream and start beating my hand or something else, but this strangely did not happen.
And I soon began to hold on and feel this place …
"What … what do you mean? Cheryl …"
"Mm? How do you know my name … have we met?"
Well! Although I have never talked to you, but you are my classmate! I see you many times in class every day.
Feeling angry, my mind became clouded.
I looked at her with a desire just now, as in a dream. Especially since I now hold on to her chest!
"Why are you looking at me arrogant? Probably not expecting me to touch you? Well …"

File size: 436.0 MB