25-sai no joshikousei

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

In many of us dreamed of in a hurry to grow up, but really, adulthood hurts my head. And, having picked up on a throat of problems, we begin to remember with grief about school days when we didn’t know any cares. In such a situation was 25-year-old Hana Hatori. Having lost her legs in search of at least some suitable work, she suddenly receives a very unusual offer from her relatives. She is asked to attend school instead of her lazy 16-year-old cousin! Without thinking twice, Hana agrees to this adventure.
However, to pretend to be her , she did not cause difficulties. Khan looks very young, and with her cousin they are similar, like two drops of water. Therefore, the Khan quickly joins the stormy school life. But then her waiting surprise. One of the teachers turns out to be her former classmate Akito Kanye! And she could not be held, he quickly recognized the fraud Khan. It would seem that the adventure is disclosed, but Akito agrees to remain silent. But not for free, of course. In return for keeping quiet Khan needs to attend extra-curricular activities Akito, and what they do there will be, God knows.

Total size: 1.0 GB in 12 files.