Kanojo ga Myuu Datta Baai Bungeibu no Majime na Kouhai

Release Year: 2018

Year: 2018
Genre: ADV, Anal, Big breasts, Defloration, Glasses, Masturbation, Sex
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tabletka: Not Required
Game language (plot): English
System requirements (minimum):
CPU: PentiumⅢ-500MHz
DirectX : 9.0
HDD : 690MB
Description: Modern times when people and other people live together. For school student Sakuraya Kazuto, “Different Family (Myuu)” she was. This is the girl of the succubus of Hamasaki Chinon, who slowly matures into an obscene thing. The lover’s attitude to her is excellent. However, the adolescent climax of the adolescent climax cannot only be satisfied with a platonic attitude, the Impatient spends a step more every day than a kiss. Someday. This is Kazuto, who managed to reach the first H in slow, to see Shinon, Immediately after that, to faint from extreme excitement and excessive arrival. This was evident due to the nature of Chinon.

File size: 689.4 MB