Saimin Soku Gakuen

Release Year: 2018

Year: 2018
Genre: ADV, Big tits, Anal
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tabletka: Not Required
Game language (plot): English
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows Vista / 7/8/10, CPU: Pentium4 1.3GHz, RAM: 256MB, 1024 * 764, HDD: 1.01GB DirectX: 9.0
Description: The protagonist, Kusaka Ken – an ordinary male student with a weak mind.
Simply saying that the letters are beautiful, is appointed by the secretary of the student society.
As a handsome and soft student council chairman, and also a strong and bad vice president who will be used as well as a nipple.
I was unhappy, but I was reluctant, because I secretly loved the student president.
Once I witnessed the place where the student president confessed to male students.
She doesn’t even look like.
The hero, in despair, accidentally finds a hypnotic application.
His desire was to head to the chair of the pupil of longing …

File size: 1.0 GB