Onator vs Instville

Release Year: 2018

Game introduction
(1) The leading character who is ranked in the ranking of masturbation video posting site "Onator"
I was aimed at rank 1 to 3 of rank order of reverse movie posting site "Institution"!
(2) "But I hide my face and it’s all right," I thought so and encounter Bittari with Bitches when I go out to the city to find Okazu!
(3) Run away!
In this volume, only the hero serves as a pole role
In the introduction of the , the picture "I’m good at squeezing with this feeling" appears

(1) escape, solve problems, fight
(2) When it comes into contact with enemies or time runs out, it is reverse.
(3) After clearing, go to the next stage
This will be the ending.

About erotic scene
Basic 11 scenes
The position is 20 scenes.

We are using RPG M cool MV.
Once you clear Good Ending
There is a reminiscence mode which is fully opened.

· Message automatic feed
Message speed
· Window color change
Change of window transmittance

Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
file format
With music
With animation
Trial version
With review
Reversal None Fuck Titty Language Blame Reverse Male Big Breasts / Big Breasts

4 GB or more is recommended
2 GB or more free space

File size: 2.3 GB