Twin Dolls + Twin Angels

Release Year: 2018

Two young women. Two magic weapons. Together, they’re too much for any Demon to handle!
Got a sex-crazed Demon on your hands? Meet the hot young exorcists who’ll get him off!
They may look like a typical pair of high school girls, but Mai and Ai are anything but normal. Extraordinarily beautiful, masters of half a dozen martial arts and trained since infancy to become professional demon hunters, they are the Twin Dolls! Being a warrior for the of good, however, can get you into more trouble than being bad. When a jealous classmate makes an ill-advised oath to beat the Twin Dolls, she is literally possessed by a green eyed monster! A ten foot tall green demon, that is, one with an unhealthy interest in human females! Armed with lance, bow and a pair of magic pussy-willows, Mai, Ai and their allies must defeat this oversexed fiend and his army of sex slaves or die trying!

The Demon King has arisen to enslave humanity with his legions of sex demons! Our only hope: the delectable yet warrior twins Ai and Mai. But the sexy are betrayed by an old friend, and it’s not long before they’re trapped and tortured mercilessly by monsters. Now only a miracle can save them.

Total size: 3.4 GB in 8 files.