Magical Kanan

Release Year: 2018

About four serial ova magical kanan, our glavred told in one of the previous issues. Anime created on the hentai game septem charm magical canan turned out to be a good representative of the genre, standing out against the background of other variations on the topic "sm for adults" the presence of humor, good drawing and lack of perversions. Therefore, when i saw his follow-up, i did not hesitate, deciding to look or not. However, in my head the main rule of the hentai sequels was "the sequel in hentai is always worse than the original", but i decided to hope for the best, i really did not want to spoil the jubilee number with something disgusting like panchira teacher. Fortunately, this ova turned out to be one of the pleasant exceptions to the above rule.
Tired of the battles with the dark , the heroes of the first part of the ova decided to rest on the seashore, restoring their strength on the golden sand of the beach. Naive … They forgot the first rule of fighters "for good and justice" stating that "the enemy is not a dream," which means that troubles can be expected anywhere. Therefore, a relaxed holiday against the background of the sea wave, quickly turned into a dangerous adventure that fell on chihayu and her "rabbit" as snow on her head. The emergence of troubles was caused by the appearance of a mysterious stranger who at once had quite definite views on the satellite of the ‘s heads. Very quickly it turned out that this is not just a lady who wants to entertain herself with a resort novel ….
Fortunately, the ova authors did not forget about the humor that favorably allocated the first part of the sequence of "hentai maho-shodze". The animation has not undergone any special changes for the worse (Glavred, in fact, does not agree with this, saying that computerized drawing did not work). The only thing that irritated, so it’s insolently torn from the first ova moments "henshina" chapters of the .
In the rest, summer camp turned out to be a good continuation (It could be much worse), to the main story about the next "magical girl", leading an unequal battle with the dark along with her "partner."

Total size: 5.8 GB in 19 files.