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Words Worth – Words Worth Gaiden

August 2nd, 2018

Release Year: 2018

Words Worth – pretty good hentai with a curious fantasy storyline. Anime looks easy, nasty moments and nauseous scenes are not so many, and some hentai scenes even seemed very sweet and romantic. A big plus in the story is the disappearance of the main character and the loss of memory for 20 years, which happens in the second series. I liked that there is a certain mystery in the story, and there are two traitor advisers among the heroes, whom no one suspects of anything. In the end, of course, a happy end is made (the main character remembers everything and saves everyone, the war ends, the stone slab is put together and peace and harmony comes), although not very happy, because the king of darkness Vatushiko is dying, which I basically did not expect.
The drawback of this series is only one: five series is clearly not enough to reveal the characters and explain the actions of heroes and other nuances in the plot. If there were at least 10-12 of them, it would be quite another matter. But I still liked this anime, and I think that it should appeal to all fans of high-quality story hentai.

In my opinion, we need to take this addition as a proof of the fact that the Astral and earlier the guy did not miss (or an incredible lucky one) who will always find a place and time to assert himself and keep his Mojo in shape.

Total size: 2.9 GB in 7 files.

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