The World Conquest

Release Year: 2018

Genre: ADV, JRPG, Fantasy, Striptease, Harem, Group, Oral, Dark skin, Blowjob,
Year of manufacture: 2018
Platform: PC / Windows
Language of game: English
System requirements (minimum): OS: WinXP / Vista / 7/8 HDD: 2.31 GB

Description: Conquer the world army of cute girls in the expected many new strategic game! As the leader of the island nation of Zipang, you find yourself in a world filled with a bunch of strong and lovely girls, based on real historical figures. Here you will find Ode Nabunagu, Napoleon, King Arthur, Vlad Tepes, and even Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci! There are more than seventy cave characters. Having fun using the advanced gaming system – strengthen the army, conquer new territories, and create your own harem mohe-heroines. The whole world is yours – just reach out and take it!

File size: 2.3 GB