of Noble Family Aisha Descends to a Handywoman

Release Year: 2017

A damsel in an aristocratic family Aisha has been sheltered throughout her life in their mansion. She looks well-raised and defenseless and has naive and
emotionless personality, making others think that she is as beautiful as a human-sized doll.
But one day, her Lord Clan disappeared with a huge amount of debt left to the remaining family members. Aisha’s luxury life changed on this day.
Genre: jRPG, 3DCG, Animation, Fantasy, Upper-class Girl, Submissive, Coercion/Compulsion, Monsters, Big tits/Big Breasts, Titsjob/Paizuri, Anal, Blowjob/Oral
Size: 980 MB
Censorship: Is
Developer/publisher: Chikko
Platform: PC/Windows XP/WindowsVista/Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language of a game (plot): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Postscoring language: Japanese

File size: 989.5 MB