Magicians Elisha’s Letters of Love

Release Year: 2018

Frontage town Komez was confirmed the existence of the ancient labyrinth and suddenly became to be noticed.

The hero who has lived in that small town ?walk is,
Became a stall vending merchant riding the unprecedented adventurer boom.

However, items ordered on stalls are just items that are touched,
Every day that I pass over adventurers who pass by and are ignored.
Even if you buy "hypnotist’s cane" at a high price from a dubious surgeon,
It is not seen by anyone and it is unsold.

One day I had such days.

Elegant girl [Elisha], a court magician, visited the store,
Requested items with magical power.

So the walk kept unsold for a long time
I will try to dispose of "hypnotist’s wand" with a dumping threshold.
But I mistakenly used that staff as an Elisha opponent …!?

Version upgrade information
Scenario zarsuke
Illustration bashfully
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Role-Playing
file format
Music with trial version
Kisekae glasses maid hypnotic big tits / tits

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