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Kanojo ga Myuu Datta Baai Bungeibu no Majime na Kouhai Succubus

January 20th, 2018

Release Year: 2018

Year: 2018
Genre: ADV, Anal, Big breasts, BlindFolds, Blowjob, Defloration, Glasses, Masturbation, Stockings, Sex Toys
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: Casket
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game (story): English
System requirements (minimum):
CPU: PentiumⅢ-500MHz
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 690MB

Description: Modern times where people and others are living together. To Sakurai Kazuto, she was. It is girl Hamasaki Shinon of a slow to mature in a lewd thing. The lover relationship with her is excellent. However, Kazuto of the adolescence climax can not be satisfied only by a platonic relation, Impatient every day is spent to proceed to the step more than the kiss. One day. It is Kazuto which is managed to reach the first H in slow to mature Shinon, Immediately after, to faint by an extreme excitement and an excessive coming. It was obviously due to the nature of Shinon.

File size: 689.4 MB

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