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I was taken down and my Makoto

January 18th, 2018

Release Year: 2016

Makoto of a infancy friend who was a men was always playing together like a best friend.
Men, fighting strongly fighting because there would be no gods got a bride’s guy, promised to marry in the future as a little
I am doing. (I do not know if Makoto remembers it …)

Always, when was it that I realized that I am a beautiful girl who has a sweet scent recently from the truth "I"

That’s why Makoto suddenly took the spotlight of the world suddenly won the Athletics World Tournament.
Having received that lovely behavior and gesture, it will be a person of time, but …

Due to the popularity, the distance is made somehow and it becomes estranged.
However, recently as the number of female hormones increased, the female appeal rapidly increased and the time to run
It seems I’m falling down and suffering from a slump.

Makoto "Ya, Hajime chan! Why are you staying in buckwheat when I am suffering this?"
In case
Makoto "I promised to marry Hajime, I have not forgotten!"
In case

Training RPG game that tricks men’s boy’s girl into
Basic CG 30 sheets (difference 455 sheets)

It is a training game created with RPG Maker MV.

Version upgrade information
Series name Arion canvas
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Role-Playing / Training RPG
file format
Music Available Trial version available
Tsundere sleeping diving training

File size: 736.2 MB

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