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Fantasy and Fetish – War of the mages

January 11th, 2018

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Chapter 1 – Vengeful seductions
The sexy, amazing sorceress, Moonlight – is one of a kind, she can turn pain, emotions, and even sexual energy into magical power. The archmage Zulthar wants Moonlight as his female slave. He sends his evil emissaries to capture her, and they fail, but her slave-warrior lover is caught. This is Moonlight’s retribution story, starting with the 3 commanders, which she will find, and use their own unique weaknesses in order to seduce them, draw energy from them, and at the end – finish them. Foot-fetish, foot-jobs, blowjob, shrinking, pov, vore, breast crush, growth.

Chapter 2 – A growing climax
After having her beloved slave-warrior by the hands of evil wizard Zulthar minions, the sexy sorceress Moonlight continues her quest for vengeance. Already full of power from her former vengeful seductions (chapter I), she arrives to the border to Zulthar’s land, where she must confront the border guardians, a cruel warrior and an evil wizard. Will she prevail?

Chapter 3 – Femdoom
Sexy sorceress Moonlight is continuing her way toward the evil mage Zulthar’s realm – and she is already HUGE and full of power. Her footsteps make the earth tremble as she strides her naked way with confidence. Moonlight must deal with Zulthar’s small army on her way to her final goal of ultimate revenge. Will spears, swords and magic be enough to stop her? it seems not, as Moonlight keeps growing and dealing with the keep’s soldiers like pathetic worms. Yet, some unexpected visitor arrives, in the form of hot Jasmin – Zulthar’s war-mistress… Will Moonlight survive her encounter with this amazing temptress – which is so sexy and powerful, not only men fall at her feet? Contains foot-fetish, crush, growth, lesbian action, vore, pov, breast-crush, complete mayham & havoc, and so much more.

Total size: 1.2 GB in 3 files.

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