The Rosary princess of the holy tree

Release Year: 2017

Overload to seek global domination.
The point of the invasion of the Drake army commanded by him,
At last it was directed to Prince Malik.

In a struggle, the Prince, with Princess Alicia,
Ask Zande for help.

However, this Xande was a Kuzu man.
We plan various wrongs to make Princess Alicia the body.

Besides, he is not the only male man.
Between the other men are also aiming at her !!

Protect the two from the evil haiku!

Version upgrade information
Series name NTR Senki
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin game simulation
file format
Music Available Trial version available
Foolish pure love being taken down and breaking anal brainwashing

File size: 335.3 MB