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The punishment schoolgirls

November 6th, 2017

ibitsu school for rich teens, the elite of society. As there are very few girls, but they are all very sexually attractive guys that does not rest, and they continually looking for ways to persuade women to have sex, even though they have nothing, and does not come out. Kyoichiro lost her parents when she was still young, she lives with her older little friend, who works as a teacher at the school, although her liking, and do not say. She helps her start to what kind act of charity: 3 but knowing what will happen next is unlikely she agreed to it. Kyoichiro immediately come to the attention of students, who do not mind having some fun. The poor girl is drawn into a series of events, it becomes a regular sex doll for them. From despair that her to obey, on this every time she leaned temptation to tolerate this abuse. As it turns out it is not the first time with someone so treated. But it recognizes Saki and it certainly will not leave it so. It’s time to pay for all that they have done, she thought, if she stop this vicious circle and the impunity prevailing in the school will be able to, or it will be the very next toy in their hands !?

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