Reijoku no Yakata vol.2

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Story english №1: Shun is an orphan working at a mansion owned by a noble fam of five voluptuous, wealthy sis. In order to get his hands on the fortune, Shun will have to insert himself into the fam’s politics and all five sis! But it seems like these virtuous high-class women are all out of his league. Then Shun learns the secret desires of Kagome, the second sis and a well-known novelist. With her body and help, Shun is ready to drive down his fleshy road to riches.

Story english №2: A young man arrives to a mansion inhabited only by the landlady and her maids, and he decides to get his own harem, thing not so difficult since each time he is having sex with one of the ladies another one is spying so he jumps just from one to another, but in the end he doesn’t know if he is using the women or if they are using him to satisfy themselves.

Story english №3: The main character starts working at some house as a live-in janitor. There live attractive five sis. He is an orphan, so he wants to get everything in front of him. Sis are confused at first, but they are gradually addicted to it….

Total size: 914.1 MB in 2 files.