Fuck Superheroes Part 1

Release Year: 2017
Genres: 3D Toon, Big Breasts, Big Cock, Blonde, Blow Jobs, Handjob, Hardcore, Legs, Masturbation, Uniform
Video language: English

Scene 1: Vaginal Alien Attack : This horny alien has a big stiff vaginal probe that’s lean, green and ready to breed with a blonde hottie. After taking out his human nemesis, the alien stuffs his green gun in the slut’s mouth and finally 1.Vaginal Alien Attack: pounds her pink till it’s filled with a white injection of alien babies.

scene 2: Wolfie Loves Kitty Kat: Wolfie penetrates this tight latex pussy cat with his meat claw like the savage beast you know he is!

scene 3: The Harder They Fall: Superslut still gets horny like every other woman! She tackles the big bad guys and rides their huge cocks into submission!

scene 4: Cock Of Steel: Superdick will stop at nothing to get that tight wonder pussy! He seduces Wonder Whore with a giant dildo made of Craptonite! Filling her holes with hot green glowing goo!

scene 5: Superhero Double Dip: This damsel is caught between a web and a hard cock! The Jokester’s evil brainwashing machine has taken over the city and it’s heroes. Now they do his sexual bidding!!

scene 6: Wonder Bat: Buttman and Wonder Whore take a break from fighting crime and to bone up on some close quarters combat!

scene 7: Hoolk Smash Pussy!: When Bruce Bonner gets a stiffy, the Hoolk comes out to SMASH that pussy with his giant green cock!

scene 8: Superslut’s Gangbang: Craptonite isn’t Superslut’s only weakness! A fat hard cock or two gets this big titty blond weak in the knees and begging to surrender!

scene 9: Steel Man Likes it Rough: Steel Man is sick of always being the good guy, so he decides to find a whore and getting a fine piece of ass.

scene 10: Hoolk Need Love Too: It’s big, mean, and GREEN! Hoolk is on a rampage!! Watch Hoolk SMASH that pussy like a freight train plowing through a mail box!

scene 11: Super Fuck Buddies: When they aren’t fighting crime, this super trio is busy fucking. Watch Superslut lick Big Red’s hot twat while Insectman plows that warm pussy, until he’s ready to blast his hot sticky web!

scene 12: I Am Iron Cock: Steel Man just added a new weapon to his arsenal, and he wants to try it out in every fucking hole.

scene 13: Catgirl vs the Green Alien: Crazy Catgirl is about to face off with an extra terrestrial and his long green alien. After watching some machine gun fellatio on the TV these two slutty sluts go at like cats and pooches, fucking hard on the floor and everywhere in the sleek ship.

scene 14: Wonder Whores Secret Lover: Wonder Whore lives up to her Amazon heritage as she takes on a lesbian lover who lashes and licks her pussy till honey drips out. But she has to keep to a secret so these two horny super dykes are keeping it on the down low in a shadowy alley.

scene 15: Wonder Whore Is Trolling For Cock: It takes a massive member to please the likes of Wonder Whore, so she’s sought the biggest dick in the darkest corners of the earth and now she finally has it. There is a troll with a troll-sized big cock ready to plow Wonder Whore’s amazon cunt and split in fucking half!

scene 16: Troll Patrol: When the rebel troll gets in trouble with the law, he is suddenly saved by the masked nympho, Big Red, who proceeds to suck and fuck the shit out of the grateful troll.

scene 17: The Fantastic Whore: Mister Funtastic tries out some of his new sex gadgets on the Invisible Whore. She spreads her legs and inserts the probe deep inside. All before getting down with Mister Funtastic and taking his long rubbery cock like a wet noodle!

scene 18: Poker Forever: Hot and slutty whore has a body that’s perfect and thin, but wait until she gets a load from him.

scene 19: Lori Craft Battles The Horny Troll: If Lori Craft is going to escape this subway, she must pay the troll toll and let this monster in her hole. See this jolly green giant ram her moist cunt with his hard cock faster than a runaway freight train!

scene 20: Kitty Kat Loves Farley: You may not know this, but Cuntwoman is a back-alley lesbo who has the hot’s for Hurley. After a nice long rooftop chase for foreplay, these two super sluts get down to business and start gnawing on each other’s watering cunts.

scene 21: Jokester’s Wild Ride: The Jokester has Superslut in his grip and is going to drill her for information the hard and dirty way! He warms up her tiny wet pussy with his white glove and then slide his big juice cock deep inside. Now it’s time for the punch line, and this clown is cumming hard.

scene 22: Jokester’s Buck Wild: The Jokester is getting some hot and fresh cunt, but when it comes down to playing with a bat, he’s gonna bunt.

scene 23: Ironic Man’s Tag Team: Ironic man is all done fucking a hot chick, but when his buddy comes along, he uses his fingers instead of his dick.

scene 24: Insectman’s Threesome Adventure: Insectman crosses the line when he joins with this evil thug, and tag teams Big Red’s tight wet holes!

scene 25: Insect Art: Insectman has many talents and painting nude portraits is one of them. Merry Jay poses with her big natural tits calling for his cock. With a brush in one hand and his meaty cock in the other, Insectman paints his masterpiece with hot web goo!

scene 26: Hex Men: The Danger Poon: After some intense physical training Polverine is hard and ready to pound some pussy. Jeany satisfies this horny beast and rides his aluminum filled cock like a pogo stick. But wait it’s a double cross! That tight pussy he just pounded was actually the blue devil Mysteria!

scene 27: Digs a Hole: is exhausted after fighting crime all day, so when fucks Jeany in the alley, he’s ready to spray.

scene 28: Cuntwoman and Superslut: Holy rooftop Buttman! There are two absurdly hot superheroes and they are having a high-rise lesbian lickfest where everyone can see them.

scene 29: Caught, Captured and Lashed: Today is one unlucky day for Buttgirl — or is it? She’s been bound and whipped by her arch nemesis, Big Red, but it doesn’t take long for the kinky situation to turn downright mouth watering when they start toeing and licking each other’s marvelous cunts.

scene 30: Wonder Whore’s Wonderful Pussy: When the boys are away, the Wonder Whore will play. Wonder Whore has a hot chick to face fuck and lick. Hey, wouldn’t you?

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