(Flash) What will be made to Noel-chan of psycho metamorphosis masochism

Release Year: 2017

Especially those who think that you do not like Ryona! Even those who like Ryona!
If you find it to be noelle who feels pain pleasantly, you must insult her as a sex slave!

Hitting with a hammer
I was struck with the whip
Baked iron was pressed
Hanging with a sharp hook
It is restrained by the barest of the sinner

Let ‘s pour the semen firmly to Noel who has been raised to sexual excitement.

It is a 3D animation game that emphasizes erotic pains that do not feel disastrous.
It is about 55 minutes (capacity 6 GB) for all animation viewing.
There are soft ryona elements such as hurting, but even those who do not have RYONA attribute, or who do not recognize it also aimed at RYONA ‘s interesting work.
There are no hard-rigging elements such as catching, dismantling, screaming and so on.

Method of operation
Easy operation with screen buttons.
If you press the "I want to quickly H" button on the start screen, you immediately access all the etch!

Trial version
You can watch and listen to Ryonashin (hammer belly pan with drum can restraint).

Series name Noel chan
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work form
Doujin game Simulation game / 3D animation game
file format
With audio There is video 3D artwork w / Free Demo review
Polygon Collar / Chain / Restraint Violence SM Belly Pan Torture

Core 2 Duo or more
3 GB or more

Total size: 6.1 GB in 9 files.