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Release Year: 2014

Tinkle Bell Animation Software ?Pu Puri Puri? Series latest work

Ultra high quality · full story full animation school ADV.
Quality is committed to making thoroughly the details.
In the case of
H scene sum total [100 cut] · real finish [28 shots]
Total animation time [120 minutes], total playing time [6 hours]
In the case of
Standing character · animation pattern 500 patterns or more,
13 powerful voice actors, fully equipped with free play gallery,
Tinklebell original BGM 33 songs recorded.

Because of the curse that spreads inside the school, "etch after etch"
Going …!
A total of 13 girls weave, "chain of pleasure".

Adopted the video system [Super 2.5 EXD] (Super Extra Dimension)
I do not care about the body, expressing pupils pleasantly pleasant, expressing with a presence full of videos.

Taking time, I finished it carefully one by one.
A sensuous feeling overflowing with warmth, a smooth finish with repeated lining.

Strength of the stereo sound by the ability faction voice actor "banquet".
Direction and ingenuity of commitment, full-length thorough animation.


Rumors of the demon after school.

It awoke to the made impulses, the appearance of the students ….
"From best friend to best friend". Desire to springs "infects".

There is only one way to be released.
Fellowship with someone, flowing desire seeds into the vagina.

Desire to spring up from the bottom of the body. Wake up, "new instinct".

From the bottom of the skirt "rising", flirting desire crushes the sky.
"Penetration" of the desire for pleasure is directed to best friends … !!!

Seniors, juniors, best friends … Good friends are getting captured,
It is torn in clothes, and pleasure is poured in without pushing.

And they wander around inside the school as the next ?demon after school?.
The curse spreads and most students have experienced it.

The order inside the school was maintained only by their shame.
They excused the crime committed as [rumor]
Act like the mask’s daily life as if nothing had happened ….

Like snow white skin and jet black hair.
It is as beautiful as a fairy tale princess, Itsuki.
But she does not try to break up with others,
It was ridiculed as "Snow White" from the surroundings.

Itsuki was inspired by the temptation of the devil and woke up to the truth.
She thought "just let everyone’s eyes open" just like herself.

And Ikki and Satan curse students inside the school.
That is … curse of devil after school.

The girls wake up to the desire of the flesh.
An evil ego occurred under a skirt (id).

Crown, it starts to move with the echoing after school chime … black shadow.
A red eyes pierces the time of an amber …!

Behold! School (Eden) was full of beautiful "fruits".

OP movie, 1 talk (first half), 6 talks (until the middle of H scene),
Trial version reward chapter, with special tapestry
Please also use for operation check.

Official site
"Move" official site, on the way.
All of the animation and work information of the character,
We introduce with luxury animation.

To respond to bug fixes / updates etc, please register as a member.

The capacity of this software is very large (10 GB).
Please note that 20 GB or more of free space is required to decompress.

update information
In version 1.06 H scene gallery mode, inserts, cut-ins, etc. are now available for viewing. (2015/10/28)
Ver1.03 save slot increased to 50, quick load function with hot key added.
In Ver1.02 H scene gallery mode, "Itsuki and Madoka Finish" is now available for viewing.
Fixed a bug that stopped in some operations in the H scene.
Ver1.01 H Added volume control function for each character voice, BGM, SE and stereo level at the scene.

Adopting Super 2.5 E x D, the body that will raise (Inana)
Representing pupils pleasantly pleasant, expressing with a full of presence.
Strong camera work + Perfection · Lip sink stimulating "crowning scene" production.
A stereo voice composed of 13 girls ‘powerful voice actors and a girls’ weaving "banquet".

A total of 100 cuts (excluding differences) recorded.
Animation speed control mounted.
"Fast-forward playback function" installed.
Break, take off, slip down … Production of commitment.
Gallery mode · Comp. Unnecessary.
Full size size large format movie scene recorded.

Smooth motion leaving the touch and presence of overflowing presence
2.5D Image representation is output in various forms.

We have achieved more technological innovation than ever before, making it even more beautiful and smooth.
In this evolved version, drawing data which has become several times more complicated than ever before,
Move it more precisely, smoothly and violently.

Life-sensitive facial motion, more complex perfect lip sync,
Extended joint range, joint portrayal, environmental effects, etc. were greatly enhanced.

Dynamic stimulation overflows, super rich ultra premium quality.

Fortesimo of Round Duo Dawn,
Adopted animation which I made a commitment to thoroughly and made it for the whole story.
Visual scene using effect effect of cinematic method,
It is an ADV which imports powerful animation abundantly.

FULL VOICE of individually rich cast members recorded luxuriously,
Tinklebell original BGM has also been greatly upgraded.

The visual scene adds [fast forward playback] function,
Music + voice is the first series of [stereo correspondence] in the series,
Strengthened the music scale up and sound production.

Version upgrade information
Series name Puripuro ADV
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Software Movie Work / Full Animation ADV
file format
With Voice Music with Music Animewith Trial Version with Review
Breast animation uniform School / Gakuen Cream Pies Big Breasts / Big Brea

2 GHz and above
2 GB or more
12 GB or more of free space
It will be a schedule for updating.
Please purchase after acknowledging the contents of the work of the present stage.

Total size: 9.7 GB in 4 files.