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(Game) Siming application Nightmare’s lost game Packaged version

August 1st, 2017

Release Year: 2017

A model school of a boarding school made on an isolated island of Utsumi, the best-known (school) school. To the former hero who goes there, a mail arrives "One day I got a qualification to participate in a hypnotic game". Hypnotized application installed at the same time at the terminal.

Although I tried to my I realized this was real, but I could not feel like joining in actively, feeling quiet odoring the content of "take the application of others until I become the last one".

However, one day the student council president presented a strip at the school meeting. Moreover, an incident occurs that I do not remember why I did such a thing. The hero who has noticed that someone else has the hypnotic application will participate in the game for the girl he is friendly with.

Voice – Normal – 1 Voice – Normal – 2 Voice – Normal – 3 Voice – Normal – 4 Voice – Normal – 5 Voice – H – 1

gender female
Main heroine

Title "Sai-Min Application – Nightmare Cried Game -"

Genre Lost and brain battle ADV
Game Format MAP Selection Movement Type ADV
Heroine number 3 main heroines, 3 sub heroines
Event CG number 75
Scenario quantity 1.4MB 1.7MB 2.3MB

Supported OS Windows Vista Windows 10

File size: 2.7 GB

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