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Netorare Imouto Misaki

July 15th, 2017

Release Year: 2017

Together, Kazuo and Misaki have survived. It’s been okay, but not great.
Now, things have changed for the worse.
Kazuo got into trouble and lost his job.
Not only that, he’s been slapped with damages of over $10,000.
In dire financial straits Kazuo gets snippy at his sis*er.
"I work hard to keep things together, you could at least clean the house!"
"I’m a burden, that’s what you really want to say!" Misaki shoots back.
She insists on getting a part-time job.
That part-time job ends up paying quite well… at a dear cost…
Can you repay Kazuo’s debt and still salvage the relationship!?

Categories: Role Playing
H Scenes: Over 120 H Scenes with voice acting
Genre: Cheating Prostitution Cuckoldry Naughty Orgy Sex Coercion/Compulsion smplace

Important Note: You might have to change the locale settings to Japanese locale. Also, CG gallery is fully unlocked, so you can replay all the scenes without playing the game.

File size: 115.4 MB

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