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(Game) Hard Core Chinatsu Ver

July 12th, 2017

Release Year: 2010

It is back!
Its name is the evolution of technology to move the "Hard ? Core" !!! one picture does not stop.

The first step is reproduced in the hard taste erotic was to subject the Chinatsu commercial debut "LOVE EVOLUTION" !!
The ultimate full rear Interactive lover simulation game that continue to stick to 2D animation


Sale in the package version of "Love ? Evolution (aka: L E)" package version re-press decision !! in backing
This is, "hard Love life" full-length draw revitalization complete renewal work.

Quality that it can be said that the 2D animation of the highest peak!
Simplified system of the H mode only equipped !!
Arrange !!! the H scenes and unreleased H scene of L E main to the hard taste

If you do not have a package version of "Love Evolution"
You can play in this work "[LOVE ? EVOLUTION] Hard Core ??Chinatsu Ver" alone.

Come on, not be a still image, realism and the feeling of air. Then, direct warmth.
Please enjoy and explore the possibilities of the game "[LOVE ? EVOLUTION] Hard Core"!


This land that I live in, have spread farmland as far as the eye can see,
It is a remote countryside of about neighboring house is away about a hundred meters.
Speaking of such country of entertainment, but something about this summer festival.
When trying headed to the special seat that only locals know,
I noticed that there are people who are crouched in the shade of a tree.
I think that anyone wonder whether, moment I saw the face of the person, fact was conspicuously Takana’.
Because Admiring will say the state, such as now.
Not be expressed in words that clean ….
The first time I met for the Chinatsu the heat of summer ,, was the night of the day that is easy to spend and not temporarily Yasurai.

boy is I’ve been saying "I want to see more naughty Chinatsu" …
All of Chinatsu is not something reason to refuse … because of your boy …
boy of your friends with everyone … a lot, it was a lot …… lot H ยทยทยท
Likely it was … today I go to the pool
Chinatsu, today I think that will work hard to get used to more "more naughty Chinatsu" …

Online manual, please check the following.

Original picture: Soichi Ebina
Music: cranky (FelineGroove)
Voice actor: Kinoshita Koto
Age specified:
Movies format:
Simulation game
/ Lover simulation
Supported OS:

Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7

Yes voice
Yes Reviews
Anime friend uniform sailor suit school / Gakuen pure love Busty / Tits

PentiumIII 1GHz or more / Pentium4 2.2GHz or more
512MB or more / 2GB or more (in the case of Vista, 1GB or more / 2GB or more)
More than 2.0GB
DirectX 8.1 or higher

File size: 1.7 GB

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