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(Game) Change Joker Girls Sexual life survival

July 10th, 2017

Release Year: 2017

Taking flesh of a girls student and using the body of a young woman as a weapon, I will live by spending time with himself

City girl survival

Survive in Kono Town
Survive with a woman’s weapon!
girl a man
How many days can you survive?

The girl who ran away
I do not have any money to live in.
Wander around the city seeking places to sleep, what to eat

"Thank you" for a gentle man to help
Protecting yourself from guys and , fighting, losing

Sleepiness! Hungry! Urge, hit you!
Neither a meal nor a bath which can not be freely used even in the bathroom

Will it be used for men ‘s desire for liberty …
Girls. Sex Survival

· 3D action game
· Go around the city and move to your favorite places such as home, train and park, and have sex in your favorite place
· Make Money Make Money
· Let’s survive with food and bedding
· The other party is a hikikomori older boy, man, man and unknown man
· Fight against women’s enemies such as and rapist attacks and level up their skills by acquiring experience value
· Open up elements by looking for hidden points on the map
· The function of Keitai will be strengthened as you advance the game
· Customize the character’s costume and appearance
· Once you die, you can take over the ability and start over

Sexual activity
· Men who are calling out wandering around the station and behind the alley of the shadow of the building …
Bringing into a man’s room and staying even …
· Part-time job at a shop in the evening for living expenses · Challenged by on a train
· Bathing in a public bath (of course a woman’s bath) · In a public toilet
· To be in a park at night "I have a wife and girl waiting for my return!"
· In the swimsuit at the beach to Yaritin "Oh! Yess! Okay"
· Otaku ‘s older boy’ s room "Older boy … I used to be gentle in old days … it was cool" …
· With my man at home "Oh … it looks like it when my woman was young"

Sale Date 01 April 2017
Last update date 07th April 2017
Version upgrade information
Age designation
18 ban
Work format
Doujin game action
file format
Application / DirectX
Voice Yes Music included Movie Available 3DCG trial version reviewed
Kisekae polygon underwear everyday / life prostitution / cowboy big tits / tits

2 GHz or more
2 GB or more available
253 MB or more available
1 GB or more
8.1 or later
Direct3D, DirectX8 and later Direct3D, DirectSound support

File size: 138.8 MB

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