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(Game) Saddle and princess treats friend Ken was a completely made woman

July 9th, 2017

Release Year: 2017

A woman who is not even a girl, a friend who has never been treated
Treat them as princesses, praise them and cheat them and tell them

To be good at Choro, we filled a lot of erotic things with various places and tools
Let me tell the uterus of happiness as a female.

All H scenes are fully animated
Send it with 16 erotic CGs and 10 situations

Mobu Girls Training Erotic Animation ADV

Grade at the study session
Tit Fuck Cumshot
Doggy Style
Library blowjob
Landing SEX
Beach swimsuit in beach SEX
Lorita fashion woman on top posture
Cosplay exposure blowjob
Cosplay H
Bonded double-hole vibes


Before purchasing, please check the operation on trial version.

Since there is a possibility of updating and troubleshooting etc in the future,
We strongly recommend purchasing after membership registration so that re-downloading is possible.

If the operation is unstable please update DirectX and Windows Media Player to the latest version.
(We are using WMV for movie format)

This work is created by LiveMaker, but this game engine
It is incompatible with Norton Internet Security and may be erroneously detected.
If the executable file is quarantined, it is very troublesome.
Please restore and exclude from the option screen of Norton.

Age designation
18 ban
Work format
Doujin game adventure
file format
With Music There is a trial version available
Juice / liquid mass animation Fucking trickery exposure

Pentium 4 – 2 GHz or higher
2 G or more
1 G or more
64 MB or more
9.0 c or more
Required sound cart (Ultramarine 3-ogg technology adopted)
It will be a schedule for updating.
DLSC does not guarantee this.
Please purchase after acknowledging the contents of the work of the present stage.

File size: 772.5 MB

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