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(Game) Succubus Action RPG

June 5th, 2017

Release Year: 2015

Succubus Action RPG Current latest version is 1.05 (bug fixed)

Succubus who had taken down Maiza’s girl’s pet got magical power …
Let’s go adventure collecting 10 000 cums of semen and regaining magical power!

Easy action game that can defeat a few monsters, just by attacking.

Because RPG, dungeons and maps are vast. The village is also dotted. You can play Tappuri.

The default is a throwing sword (with flight reach)
Always dash (shift key) to get a chance
I can defeat the last demon king. (Game difficulty level is low)

Other weapons are bows and arrows, bombs, magic wand, bracelets of power (throwing up the pot)
We prepared a lot of wings of Kalooi birds (able to jump a pit).

The etch movie starts as soon as HP becomes zero.
Chibi characters can enjoy etch scenarios with balloon.
(It is a system that I will do because it is succubus even to say defeat etch)

Monster Heterogeneity, Etching with Mong girl, Spawning, Larva Birth, Slurping Many kinds.

Monsters are collected automatically when you defeat it
You can enjoy it anytime in a secret room (there is also semen collection)

Injured in the hide and gambling, meat urinal with repayment of debt, various other village events are waiting.

In the brothel, the room increases with the posture experienced at the village event.
Moreover, cosplay difference is also attached (there is also semen collection)
Let’s collect all and aim for complete. In the case of


Before purchasing, please check the operation with trial version.
You can not take over the save data from the trial version.

Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Role-Playing Game
file format
With Music There is a trial version with a review
Anime Outdoor girl / Monster girl swallowing Heterogeneous rapist whipping rumor

Pentium Dual-Core 2.0 GHz or more is recommended
1 GB or more is recommended
1 GB or more is recommended
Be sure to check the operation with trial version!
It is a schedule matter concerning version upgrade.
DLSC does not guarantee this.
Please purchase after acknowledging the contents of the work of the present stage.

File size: 877.0 MB

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