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(Flash) Grinding flash Tangyah! My friend is in estrus

May 12th, 2017

Release Year: 2012

It is a full animation · interactive · restraint game where you can enjoy various H with Tsundere and M friend-in-law "Mikan".

This time, we took in the opinions and requests of users thoroughly, and as a result we were able to finish it in what it was powered up from the previous work in all aspects.

The basic part is the same as the previous work "To kureha! friend is estrus".
The main trend is to raise the estrus level of girls by utilizing hands, mouths, adult toys such as rotors and vibes, aphrodisiacs, and so forth. By accumulating points, you can open up various elements. Using a powerful aphrodisiac makes girls go ah and continuing to crown (rather this is the main).

Mainly the following points have been strengthened / added.
· I was able to do something more finely. Also, it is rich in variations.
– In addition to the pant voice, we installed Reaction Voice, which responds by hand. There are nearly 500 patterns of this voice.
· When bukkake is done, it is possible to shift to the next level as it is. Leave it even with vaginal cum shot.
· In the previous work was only buttocks, spanking became possible for various places in this work. Spanking item whip also appeared. You can also destroy clothing.
· New toys (multiple rotors, vibes, urethral plugs, etc.) are added, allowing attachment / insertion in each part. Multiple rotors can be inserted. You can also perform production and blowjob with the wearing state.
· Aphrodisiac becomes syringe type and animation is done.
· Fellatio · In addition to being able to taste variously during fucking.
· Four types of zoom functions are implemented.
· Implement a cross-sectional diagram that reacts interactively.
· Speech such as breathing, stasis, reaction, etc. total 4 hours and it is twice as much as the previous work.
· Of course there is a tidal jet and so on.

Besides, there are new functions such as enlarging a man’s arms, auto-kissing function, liquid (aphrodisiac) injection into anal, screen effect, changing hairstyle. The contents of the play have become (something before and after), 69 (blowjob and fucking), sex (before and after), woman on top posture (front and back), anal sex (before and after) x estrus level, Two types of finish are prepared, such as bukkake.

The point saving which was unpopular in the previous work was able to be done smoothly.
Also, for those who feel that opening work is awkward, all functions are released by entering the keyword which is the title screen.

Before purchasing, please check the operation on trial version.
Since trial version was made during production, there are parts different from the main part and unfinished parts, so please be advised.
When a bug etc. is found, we will replace the modified version, so we recommend that you purchase it after user registration.

Series name scorching friend
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Simulation Game / Sticky Game
file format
With Voice Music with Music Animewith Trial Version with Review
Tsundere clothes Animation friend friend Muchi

1.3 GB or more
An environment where the flash player operates normally.

File size: 1.3 GB

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