(Game) Self-catering Rurou Dani Harenchi

Release Year: 2017

You can enjoy different H scenes for 7 days each.
H scene is multi angle and you can see from any angle.
Fucking breasts making use of big tits, breast feeding handjob, footjob, blowjobs, vibe masturbation,
We prepared rich situations.

A date selection mode which can start from a favorite date,
H scene reminiscence mode can be used from the beginning,
You can practically use it as soon as you buy it!

The trial version can play the entire day of the whole 7 days.
Demonstration movies are also included in the trial version.

It is a seriousness of a tsundere moral committee who has a serious character and dislikes Harenchi.
But since I was suffering from my sensitive naughty body, sensitive and H.
Every night when I dream H, I masturbate repeatedly, becoming self-hated,
The reason why I became such a body,
In fact I remember what was in my experience with the hero.
And, as if to recover the patience that I had until now,
Every day when I play various H play with the hero begins!
Originally a nymphoid body, accept any H play

Supported OS
Windows: xp / vista / 7/8/10

Operating environment
CPU: Recommended 1 GHz or more
Memory: Recommended 512 MB or more
HDD: Recommended 5 GB or more


DirectX 6.1 or later
Media Player 7.1 and later

Video animation Digital novel tits socks Cumshot Fucking Masturbation Swimming school swimwear Tsundere Big tits

File size: 1.9 GB