(Flash) 好きだ !可愛い祓魔師とねっとりエッチ!

Release Year: 2011

The boyfriend and his boyfriend ‘s Eimi gently intertwine with the etch with smooth 3D animation.
Beginning from a rich kiss scene, the content of the etch is steadily escalating.
It’s hot for 30 minutes.

Kiss the cute lips of Emi.
I shoot it at the pretty mouth of Emi.
Licking the pretty dick of Ami.
I put it in cute dicks of Emi, cum shot.
I crawl with Emi’s pretty ass.
I like Emi, I like it

Loiter · Mangobuki 3D’s first work!
It is an adult movie collection by erotic cute 3D model sticking to unique expression.
Although it is realistic at Toon shading of the entrance, it looks cute to the animation style.
While being an illustration taste, soft parts such as boobs and thighs pursued a three-dimensional feeling.
With a cute girl agressing with a knee sock, it gets strange and plumply full 30 minutes.

Please enjoy the sex with a girl moving smoothly while panting with a cute look.
Ecchi is full animation, full voice, of course.
An animation scene of 30 minutes or more, panting exorcist 0 umimi is panting.

Kiss Scene, Cunnilingus, Blow Job, Cum Eating, Cum Eating, Back to Normal Posture, Anal bullying, Anal sex and plenty to see.
Cum on her eyes, voice actor: Asaka natsu pant.
Please emotion to cute cute.

To someone who likes Emi and who does not stop delusions.
To those who want to erot with plenty of energy.

Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Software Movie Work / 3D Echo Animation
file format
Flash / FLASH 8 or later compatible
With audio There is a 3D work 3D work Trial version available
Knee socks love love / Asama a girlfriend Normal Play Soft Etch Big Breasts / Big Breasts

2 GHz
256 MB or more
600 MB of free space
1024 x 768 full color
Available for FLASH 8 or later

File size: 576.2 MB