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Release Year: 2012

Between me and Kaori senpai are lovers who are different for one year.
On Tuesday and Friday, the two are pair daily booking days.
After closing the secret H.
"You do not have to endure, I’ll juice everything ,, huh!"

Even this Friday is also etched … No, I thought that book duty will be able to be done but there is no need for additional test …
"Oh, ohhhhhh! Keep the etch till get back to the test!"

A lot of situations
Show off with a very thick dildo and watch masturbation
Massive semen vaginal firing
69 Anal fingering, grueling fellatio
Massive cum shot in woman on top posture

Anime shading that does not feel 3D
Selected playback mode in which you can see your favorite scenes repeatedly

Screen size: 800 * 600
Sound: BGM / Full Voice

Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Software Movie Work
file format
With Voice Music with music Animation 3D artwork w / Free Demo review
Animation uniform school / Gakuen cumshot masturbation

Pentium 4 or higher
1.2 GB or more
DirectX 9 and above
32/64 bit correspondence

File size: 1.0 GB