(Game) Girls Heroine Pretty Minette

Release Year: 2011

Rina Kanzaki a.k.a. heroine Pretty Minette (CV: Kotone Akatsuki)
Rina Kanzaki lives with her 2 years older boy Takeshi.
One day, she saved a white cat being attacked by a strange monster in a park.
The cat turned out to be Minette, the princess of the cat kingdom.
She was told that her kingdom was invaded by monsters and now they are planning to take the human world as well.
To save the world, she decided to fight as Pretty Minette, a united form with Minette.
However, there was a little problem… Her libido became strong!

You can select situations, costumes, body positions and how to cum to your taste.
Swimwear in a bathroom, school uniform in a Japanese-style room, gym shorts in a gym storage room, pretty warrior costume in a night park…

Series Heroine Lovers Diary series
Age Ratings
Doujin SoftwareAnimation
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with Voicewith Musicwith Anime3D artworkwith Trial Versionreview
Younger friend Transforming Girl Violation Masturbation Coercion/Compulsion Virgin Female

1GB or greater
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