(Game) Month is ruthless Queen 3

Release Year: 2011

"The month is a merciless Queen 3"

"Month is ruthless Queen 2" END The story starts from the next day.
Even those who are not playing the previous work, I think that they can play almost indiscriminately.

The heroine is grabbed by the weakness and is called, it is disciplined.
A mad feast repeated in the classroom which is no longer used.
Various mischiefs that endlessly continue.
Continuing discipline like every day.
The fate ahead is waiting … ….

· Play command
You can use commands according to your energy.
In response to the input command, the opponent’s behavior changes.
Every time you use a command other than "obedient", your energy will go down.
The "obedience" command reduces spirit when used.

When the spirit becomes 0, the game is over.

· Normal command
In normal command, you can select "rest" or "drop".
If your energy is low, you will only be "rest".
"Rest" Your energy will recover.
"Drop" We will consume the energy and restore the spirit.

Please be sure to check the operation on trial version.
There is no animation / sound in this work.

Series name Month is ruthless Queen
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin game simulation game
file format
3D artwork with trial version Available review
Women’s perspective School Gakuen Lesbian female

File size: 55.9 MB