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(Flash) Moving image board Sakiko and (Prologue)

April 25th, 2017

Release Year: 2011

Layout just like a formidable delusive shape
Short loop animation with high picture quality swf of portrait SVGA (600 * 800)
It is recorded in two forms of story mode and catalog mode

Negative edition style
Sakiko (32 years old) who has been married to Tomioka Nobuhiko who lives with his in Tokyo.
Several months have passed, Nobuhiko’s long-term business trip will be decided as he is familiar with the lives of the three families.
Nobuhiko leaves home just as saying
Somewhat embarrassment and anxiety brought to Sakiko living together with my and Kozo who did not connect sap suddenly started
It will be big day by day, eventually …

and that area is skipped, Sakiko who is already losing her escape place already in the measure of his man-in-law this time
I put a spot only on the appearance of persistent anal torture.

Negative + edition later on the story
A couple of months have passed and Shigehiko ‘s secret little appears in the direction of two of two people.
Nobuhiko leaves home just as saying
The disappointment and upset that three people living with Saki brought in Sakiko with suddenly started sharp added
It will be big day by day, eventually

and skipping that part, as usual still fit into the skills of my to Sakiko who is losing reason
I spotted a spirit that cunning whisper is approaching without mercy.

Positive version
Contrary to the negative story, the development in the case where Sakiko caught up with his.
I am seriously hot.

The number of sheets
Sakiko and I … (negative) 15 sheets
Sakiko and I … (negative +) 11 pieces
Sakiko is cute and … (positive) 25 sheets
Sakiko’s boy … (Trailer) 3 sheets
Total 54 sheets

please note!!
· It is mostly an anal scene.
· The presence of erodji is not hampered.
· Not only background, but also clothes · juice.
– It is a summary pack by html editing though releasing separately in the past.
· In negative and positive, layout and layout are different mainly from Sakiko’s expression and pose
Since this is a difference equivalent to ‘difference’ in the CG collection etc., when converting it as the number of basic picture
The total number of cards will be about half.

Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Software Movie Work
file format
HTML (+ Flash)
With animation 3D artwork Trial version Available
Polygon animated married wife old age Anal

File size: 160.3 MB

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